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Ziplock pouches with One-way valve for storing roasted coffee: sized for 1/2 lb of roasted coffee AND 1 lb of roasted coffee - each order is for a pack of 4 bags
Our new "Roasted to Perfection by" labels are also available.

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Fresh Roast SR500 Roaster


Like the “Energizer Bunny” the Fresh Roast roasters just keep on roasting!

Adjustable time
Adjustable temperature - low (390°), medium (455°), high (490°)
Cool button - starts a 3 minute cooling cycle
Digital timer - preset for 5.9 minutes, you can increase or decrease the time.
5 oz. batch
Adjustable, quiet fan (plus or minus 10%)
Same body at the FreshRoast SR300. The difference is the SR500 gives you more control of the roast.


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Wonderful home roasting system! First roaster purchase for me. I was able to watch the roast, make adjustments with the variable speed fan and temperature selector. When I roast I run it on low temp and high fan for a minute, then cool for a minute. I do ths twice. It starts a nice even roast. I read about this online. Then I run it on a full cycle with a lower fan speed and wait on first crack. If I don't get anything, I up the temp to the middle setting. All beans are not created equal. I heard first crack loud and clear. 2nd crack sounds lower and comes in at different times depending upon the specific bean (almost right away or 2 minutes later). I've used it 5 times and its a breeze. Easy to clean too. I'd highly recommend it to anybody new to home roasting. Get the 500, not the 300. It costs a little more but the control it gives you is well worth it. The coffee was magnificent!
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