Hottop "P" model programmable roaster + 5 lbs of beans

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The PROGROMMABLE Digital Hottop drum roaster - includes 5 pounds of green beans

The Original Hottop AND the Digital Hottop roasters are no longer available - the current model “P” is fully programmable…and digital,
while the new model “B” is manual, and digital,

All the Hottop roasters come with FIVE pounds of coffee (two bags with 2.5 lbs in each) - free!You also get a free pair of heat-resistant gloves to use when handling the “hot” roaster parts…or to remind you that is does get hot, very hot!

  • one of the 2.5 lb bags is a coffee of our choice
  • YOU select the coffee in the other 2.5 lb bag: select any coffee we carry with a regular 1 lb price of $7.50 or less, then write it in “customer instructions” on the last page during checkout

    Hottop Coffee Roaster
    Programmable model offers new levels of control!


    The KN-8828P is a fully programmable roaster. With its roots firmly established in the dependability and solid design of the original KN-8828 analog-display, preprogrammed model, and with its predecessor the KN-8828D digital-display model, the new “KN-8828P Programmable” will allow the user to modify the roast program to suit their needs, satisfy their personal taste, or best match their preferred coffee origin and brewing method.

    The control panel has been totally redesigned, now sporting an advanced LCD display which serves as the programming interface as well as giving the user full telemetry readout during the roasting process. For those just learning about roasting coffee there is an “Auto” mode that roasts the coffee much like the previous models have, but the KN-8828P also adds up to ten roasting profiles. The first is pre-programmed by the factory. The remaining 9 profiles can be programmed by the user and saved for use at a future time in the non-volatile memory.

    Program “0” is set from the factory and cannot be changed, but you can program up to nine of your own profiles, offering you the ability to create coffee just the way you like it. Each of the nine programs can have up to 8 roasting segments, and each of those segments can be individually programmed for time and temperature as well as fan speed. Additionally, you can modify any single portion of a program they has already been created without having to re-enter the entire profile or segment.

    With the ability to create that many custom roasting profiles, the KN-8828P can be set up to cover just about any roasting need. Use program 1 for espresso, program 2 for the Colombian that Mom loves so much, program 3 for that dark roast for Dad, and six more to make the machine work just the way you want. It is also easy to keep track of the various profiles because you can add your own three-character, alpha-numeric designation to each profile.

    To further assist you, animations have been added to the control panel. Various animations remind you of tasks that need to be completed. Prompts include emptying the chaff tray, adding beans, or eject and cool-down mode is in progress. When an alarm goes off a quick glance at the display lets you know what to do.

    Among various safety features is the fact that the chaff tray needs to be removed from the machine for emptying or the next roast cannot begin, even if the machine has been unplugged.
    Screen animation on LCD reminds user that chaff tray needs to be emptied before roast can begin. Besides the animations on the message center, the lighting on the LCD screen changes depending on which mode or function is in use.
    Another safety feature helps keep the user from ruining a roast. When bean temperature reaches 414 F, the machine will signal you by beeping for thirty seconds. This warns you that the beans are approaching the point where they may be burnt or even ignite. OR, if you are sure you know what you are doing, you MUST press the “Enter” button during this thirty-second warning period or the machine will automatically eject the beans into the cooling tray.

    The following items are displayed on the control panel for your viewing pleasure, or knowledge if you prefer:

  • Countdown timer to show total amount of time left in the current roasting process.
  • Current roasting chamber temperature.
  • Fan state and relative speed
  • Current stage of the roast cycle (Roasting, Plus Time, Cooling, etc.).
  • Eight programmable roasting segments are available to be programmed. A horizontal bar shows the portion of the programmed temperature achieved for that segment.
  • In the same way, a vertical bar shows temperature progress, using four squares, each representing 25%, to show the progress of the programmed time.
  • A time display shows the amount of time left for the active segment.
  • A bar representing your programmed temperature for that segment.


    To learn more about this roaster we invite you to download the Owner’s manual (in PDF format)

    Those who already have one of the older, discontinued Hottop models shown above (original 8828 and digital 8828-D models) can take advantage of this new technology by purchasing an upgrade kit consisting of a new control panel and main circuit board, as well as detailed instructions - everything you need to convert to the “P” model. The kits are available from us or from Hottop directly.


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