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All Green Coffee Beans

All our coffees are green/unroasted, specialty-grade Arabica beans (with the exception of an occasional Robusta for use in espresso blends...or those who want a real jolt!).

We move a lot of coffee, so you can always count on it being fresh.

Also remember that coffee is a crop, so when we run out of a particular coffee it might not be available again until the next crop year if the next crop is up to our standards.

A punchy coffee: complex, bold, and spicy.
Sulawesi Kalossi
Onobeano's favorite Indonesian - stop by for a cup...or have friends over and show off!
Sumatra Batak coffee,
Sumatra Lintong RF Volkopi- Grade 1
Sumatra Mandehling - Grade 1
Sumatra Mutu Batak Lintong triple picked and wet hulled
Sumatra Organic Mandehling FT
Sumatra Royal Select Decaf (water process)

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