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Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala continues to be one of the world’s foremost coffee producers. The famed Guatemalan Antigua coffee holds a special place in the hearts of many coffee lovers. But, what is it about this country that produces such fine coffees? Excellent growing conditions. This country is full of mountains, volcanic soil, and great weather conditions for coffee growing. What’s more, Guatemala is a country that’s dedicated to producing high quality green coffee beans. So, you can count on a consistent, excellent bean every time.

Tasting notes of Guatemalan coffee beans are typically full-bodied and rich with cocoa flavor and toffee sweetness. Strictly Hard Beans from Antigua also often have some spicy and/or floral tones. We carry several kinds of Guatemalan beans. See their flavor profiles and detailed descriptions on their individual pages. But, if your still on the fence about which Guatemalan green coffee beans to commit to, don’t stress. Try our Guatemalan Coffees Sample Pack and compare them side by side to find your new favorites.

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A sample pack of unroasted Guatemalan coffee beans.
This bundle consists of a 3 Lb bag of Conventional Santa Margarita and 50% off a 1 Lb bag of their Geisha !!
A $43 value for only $32 !!
Try today while supplies last of this remarkable Geisha from Santa Margarita .

AA 1 Lb bag of each of these 3 tropical Haitian coffees for one low price! A $30 value !.

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