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Offero coffee cup with CBC logo

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Offero Coffee Cup
Offero Coffee Cup Offero Coffee Cup
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The Offero cups is designed to "Offer UP" the aroma of your coffee to your nose to you better enjoy the aroma of your coffee.

The cup is a 12 ounce cup in Mocha color with a white CBC logo.

The unique design of the Offero cup enhances the nose of your favorite beverage, showing off all the subtle nuances of your drink.  These cups bring forward, fully, the bouquet and the true essence of your coffee.

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The aroma is rich, dark, chocolate, classic on the nose. Acidity is low to medium and the body is full. The flavor is subtle: dark, mocha notes, and rich.
Not too heavy or spicy and with a touch of wilderness. A satisfying, full-bodied cup.

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