Brazil Fazenda Bela Vista Sul de Minas


Brazil Bela Vista Yellow Bourbon Honey
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raw green bean Green coffee is raw Roast prior to consumption

One of two types of our Yellow Bourbon coffee. Coming from Bela Vista farms located in Brazil’s Fazenda region (just on the south of Minas), our Yellow Bourbon coffee is produced with high standards, complete traceability, and updated farming techniques, all certified by Utz Good Inside. The Bela Vista farm supports their community by sponsoring a local school for their worker’s children.

Cupping Notes: Red fruit, a mild acidity, and a creamy body.

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Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • CategoryConventional
  • CountryBrazil
  • Local RegionSul de Minas
  • ProcessHoney
  • VarietyYellow Bourbon
  • Altitude (meters)900 - 1,300 masl
  • HarvestMay - September
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • Brightness:4
  • Body:5
  • Aroma:6
  • Complexity:4
  • Balance:4
  • Sweetness:6
  • Buttery:medium bean
  • Fruity:heavy bean

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**New crop 21/22 is here!!!!**
supremely sweet with a mild orange citric acidity, chocolate and sugar cane flavor profile, and a big creamy body. It is very clean and consistent.
Chocolate, sweet aroma, citrus tones, well rounded cup
Well-rounded acidity, good body, pleasant sweetness, good complexity, soft nutty characteristics, chocolate notes.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by on March 5, 2022

As a FC/FC+, I'm finding this bean very fruity in a pleasantly different way. Almost no citrus tang, but also very low on sweet. A deep dark cherry undertone that verges on bittersweet chocolate. Insanely smooth and just enough bitter to give interest across the tongue. Very full bodied, and the aroma is vastly different than the taste. The sweet chocolate smell and deep cherry flavor swirl into each other as a complimenting contrast. I find myself wanting to take a deep breath in through my nose before every sip. Roasted with a Gene Cafe roaster. Preheat to about 350, full heat untill yellowing, down to 420 untill brown, full heat again to very first hints of second crack. Fast cooling with cooking tray. ~12.5 min roast.

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by on January 6, 2022

Top three for me, Very fruit-forward then the sweetness follows, like drinking a fru fru drink without the added fru fru. total roast 9 1/2 min. roast, dropped 1.5 min after FC. Roasted light, 12.2% water loss. it's like drinking fruit coffee if that is a thing.

Was this review helpful?

by on December 14, 2021

This is another great bean at medium roast or dark roast our second favorite

Was this review helpful?

by on December 4, 2021

This 100% Yellow Bourbon honey process is excellent and came in my sample pack. As pour over, it is superb coffee that everyone would love. Great for gifting too. Normally I like City roast but roasted this just into SC. Perfect! A must order.

Was this review helpful?

by on November 26, 2021

This coffee at medium roast or a darker roast is an excellent tasting coffee. I roast this one about one minutes past first crack and I also take it to second crack it has a heavy medium chaff. I also take this bean after roasting and add about five to six drops of peppermint oil from DoTerra and put into about two pounds of beans and let it sit sealed for a week then I grind for a great cup of coffee

Was this review helpful?

by on October 31, 2021

This coffee is delicious I roasted it to first crack and just before second crack then a second crack plus one minute all three are good coffee but the medium and dark roast are the most flavorful

Was this review helpful?

by on October 29, 2021

Received for free in the Intl. Coffee Day Sample Pack. Roasted to City + in an SR 800. Full disclosure, I'm not a huge fan of 'fruity' coffees, Ethiopians and the like. I tend to favor the bolder, nutty, chocolatey coffees with a buttery mouthfeel. I sampled this as a pour-over, French Press, and an eapresso. Each method brought out subtle differences. This is probably my favorite fruit-forward coffee that I've had. While some of the others tasted almost artificially-flavored, this one had a more subtle, natural taste. Creamy texture that coats your mouth, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. This will be a good, if infrequent, change-of-pace coffee. Would probably pair well with desserts.

Was this review helpful?

by on October 10, 2021

Superb coffee. The description above is apt. The coffee is very sweet and has a good fruit taste. I was shocked to see how low the price is. This will be our new go to coffee to roast for gifts and to buy in bulk! Of course, we will be roasting for ourselves too

Was this review helpful?

by on May 29, 2021

***Update from our last review*** WOW! Can't get enough when French pressed. If you enjoy this as a drip I highly recommend French press, it makes it come to life. French press brings another layer of complexity and full body to this cup of coffee. It is a great cup of coffee when pressed.

Was this review helpful?

by on May 26, 2021

taste like instant coffee

Was this review helpful?

by on May 18, 2021

We tried it as light and medium roast. It was more fruity and less creamy in the light roast. In the medium roast the fruit and creaminess had a better balanced flavor and felt like a fuller cup of coffee. It was overall a very satisfying cup of coffee. Highly recommend roasting to a medium.

Was this review helpful?

by on March 5, 2021

All I can say is WOW!!! This was so worth the wait... ordered this coffee to try something new. The purchase was made just before the big winter storms across the US. As such I ended up waiting quite a while for the shipment to arrive. The coffee did arrive! I roasted up a batch as soon as I could, excitedly waiting for that first sip. The beans were placed in my Gene Café roaster. 14.5 minutes at 455 degrees F after preheat to achieve what I would call a City Roast level. The roast process, as far as the look and texture, was very comparable to roasting decaf beans. They finished out a little on the dull side yet nice and plump. I let the machine continue through on the cool down cycle (C.O.L) Finally I let them sit over night. I will definitely order these beans again.

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