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raw green bean Green coffee is raw Roast prior to consumption

Brazil SWP Decaf is produced by farmers belonging to cooperatives in the Cerrado region within the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Cerrado region has been building in reputation in the coffee industry and coffee production over the last few decades.

Brazilian coffee beans in this region are grown on high plateaus at elevations peaking just over 1,000 meters above sea level. The region also has relatively mild weather patterns providing a more predicable climate for processing coffee. Royal Select Water Decaf coffee is sourced from lots based on cupping evaluations.

After selection, its pre-soaked in water to expand the green coffee beans for caffeine extraction. They are then introduced to a solution concentrated with coffee solubles that extract the caffeine without extracting the Brazilian bean’s particular flavor.

Cupping Notes: Almond, nutmeg, milk chocolate

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Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • CountryBrazil
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • DecaffeinatedYes
  • Decaf ProcessSwiss Water Process
  • Altitude (meters)1,300
  • Brightness:3
  • Body:4
  • Aroma:5
  • Complexity:4
  • Balance:6
  • Sweetness:5
  • Spicy:-
  • Chocolaty:heavy bean
  • Nutty:heavy bean
  • Buttery:medium bean
  • Fruity:-
  • Flowery:-
  • Winey:-
  • Earthy:-

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Muted, earthy, fruit tones and a strong caramelly overtone that permeates the pallette all the way through to the aftertaste.

Currently out of stock and not available. Expecting shipment in April, but hopefully sooner!

Fruited brightness, balanced with background chocolate notes and a hint of florals.
A sparkling, clean, lemon-orange brightness with chocolate and nutty overtones that carry through to the long, complex finish.

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Customer Reviews

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by on May 8, 2020

This is my favorite decaf to date. For whatever reasons I haven’t had huge success roasting Brazilians in the past. I seem to get a slight aftertaste that doesn’t appeal to me. Not to say I haven’t had wonderful roasts from Brazil. Just not roasted by me... My roaster is an Aillio Bullet, and I love it. It is a fairly noisy roaster so I typically roast by temperature more than sound. Some beans are just less audible than others and I find it hard to gauge my time spent in second crack. The Bullet has really good temperature gauges though and I find with my Indian Mysore Nuggets roasts ( all time favorite coffee ) temperatures are right around 228 - 234 . This takes it about 25-30 seconds into second crack. Perfect every time. My one roast of this Brazilian decaf was at 213 degrees, which is right around where I typically roast espresso blends (Onebeano my favorite). This is a bit before second crack. This roast came out With a nice buttery - chocolate sweetness which makes it a perfect after dinner coffee. I am planning another roast in the next couple days and will post results when I have them. I really hope to duplicate this first roast since it turned out so well. I hope this review is of some value to the roasting community. Coffee can be enjoyed around the clock!

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by on July 28, 2020

It is not very bright but balances well when blended with my Costa Rica decaf. I just keep mixing beans till it tastes good.

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by on July 17, 2020

Really smooth no bite back using decaf now this is good c coffee this calms acid reflux foe my wife and I.

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by on July 2, 2020

Very smooth. Best decaf I’ve ever had. Will be purchasing again!

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