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Burundi Canzikiro "Top Lot"


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This is a fully washed Screen 15+ coffee processed at the Canzikiro Washing Station located in the Bugenyuzi District, Karusi Province in Burundi. This washing station is made up of 166 drying tables and houses a test plot run by a team of agronomists experimenting with intercropping and shade strategies. Cupping Notes: Bright, peach, grapefruit, cranberry

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Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • CountryBurundi
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • ProcessWashed
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • Altitude (meters)1,700-1,900
  • Brightness:5
  • Body:2
  • Aroma:4
  • Complexity:4
  • Balance:6
  • Sweetness:6
  • Spicy:-
  • Chocolaty:-
  • Nutty:-
  • Buttery:-
  • Fruity:heavy bean
  • Flowery:medium bean
  • Winey:bean
  • RegionKayanza
  • VarietyBourbon
  • HarvestMarch - June
  • DryingSun dried

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by on May 24, 2019

Absolutely delicious at a medium roast. If you like a milder brew (as I do) then this one is definitely for you!

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by on April 11, 2019

A long time favorite. I have not been able to have this in years. Now it is a regular!

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by on April 10, 2019

I haven't tried darker roasts with this. I did this to a City plus on a Hottop. 4:48 drying, FCs 10:34, around 400, drop 13:55 @ 427. Tasting 2 days out using a V60 pour over, Baratza Forte. Not a professional taster by any means. This was a remarkable cup. I drank the entire tasting instead of taking a sip or two then tossing. It had a slightly (good) oily mouthfeel with a medium light to light body. It actually had a sweetness that I rarely discern. A bright clarity and define fruit. No bitterness at this level. A clean finish. Excellent stand alone single origin or blend . I just ordered more.

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by on March 24, 2019

OMG, this is incredible! Roasted a liitle into the second crack with oil seen just lightly on the surface. I would definitely drinkbthis every day if it were not the fact, i like variety. It is good to change up every now and again as our tastebuds can become bored. Doing so regularly; then returning to one’s favorite make your favorite really expode your senses! Alas, my last order (due this Wednesday), did not include more Berundi because, I forgot to order it! My loss, must reorder’. It should be always on hand here! It is delicious.

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