Dominican Republic Organic Ramirez Peaberry


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raw green bean Green coffee is raw Roast prior to consumption

Ramirez Estate Bio: In the Dominican Republic, the family-owned Ramirez Estate run by the third generation employs over 400 workers who live and work on the property and make nearly 300% higher wages than Fair Trade Standard. Before the Ramirez family purchased the land in the early 1990s, the land was impotent and bare––natural water springs had long since dried up and farmers had only been raising cattle.

Today, the Ramirez Estate is one of the most environmentally-progressive and socially-conscious proprietorships in the world because they recycle materials used during coffee bean processing. First, coffee cherry parts that would normally be thrown out are converted into natural gas through fermentation––in turn, this natural gas powers their facility. Next, the used water is also recycled, filtered, and returned to water systems. Lastly, cherry pulps are added to a compost pile where they’re used as fertilizer useful to nearby farms.

In addition to creating exceptional coffee, the Ramirez Estate also gives back to its community in countless ways. By building schools in rural areas, local children no longer have to walk nearly twenty miles a day, and after donating books and computers, students have more opportunities to learn. The Ramirez Estate also allows other farmers in the Dominican Republic to use their processing plant to assist in coffee export.

The pictures seen on our website are part of our personal experience touring the estate and meeting the Ramirez family––they are humble, honest, and produce some of the highest-scoring coffees we carry.

Peaberry: This bean is highly unique––it’s a peaberry, which refers to when 1 of the 2 coffee seeds wrap around the other––this results in an exclusively-sweet taste. The Ramirez's peaberry-washed bean has its fruit removed and is de-pulped and dried for a clean finish.

Cupping notes: Almond, walnut, sweet vanilla, and sweet orange cream finish with low acidity. Roast this one low and slow to caramelize sugars. Does well at light, medium, or dark.

Try before you buy with a 1/2lb sample!!

Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • CategoryOrganic
  • CountryDominican Republic
  • Local RegionJarabacoa
  • ProcessWashed
  • VarietyCaturra
  • Altitude (meters)1,400 masl
  • HarvestJanuary - May
  • Organic CertificationYes
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • Brightness:6
  • Body:6
  • Aroma:5
  • Complexity:5
  • Balance:4
  • Sweetness:6
  • Chocolaty:light bean
  • Nutty:light bean
  • Buttery:medium bean
  • Fruity:medium bean

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by on February 6, 2022

Highly recommend. These are some knarly looking beans and not pretty looking when roasted. Roasted between first and 2nd crack. The coffee has a smooth and rounded mouthfeel. Notes of nutty chocolate and cocoa. Much better than the Hatian Blue Mountain. Impressed by the coffee bean catalogue and quality of beans available at CBC.

Was this review helpful?

by on May 9, 2021

I was worried that my HotTop would be too porous for these peaberries but it worked perfectly. 232g (-17.3% after roast). From dry (4.9min) to FC (11.3min) @344f. Dropped after 15.0min at 380f bt (City+). Heavy body, Nutty, mild acidity vanilla nutmeg and/or sweet orange (changed as drinking temp changed). I have 6 months experience roasting but this coffee and this recipe are among my favorite.

Was this review helpful?

by on April 19, 2021

I didn't realize the beans would be green. So I am not sure I know what to do with them. I do not have a roaster.

Was this review helpful?

by on March 27, 2021

I've never had coffee from the Dominican Republic before. I have to say I really like this. I was surprised at how big the peaberry beans are. Brewed pourover style in a Kalita Wave 155. Super smooth cup with it getting sweeter as it cools. Not too acidic but not too bold either. Somewhere between a Puerto Rican and a Jamaican Blue mountain. Very impressed, highly recommended.

Was this review helpful?

by on March 23, 2021

Still get a couple more 1-2 pounder samples to try yet but I have to share this one. I’ve never had DR coffee or really new they grew enough for export. Most people describe Jamaican Blue Mountain as extremely smooth and both times I’ve been fairly sure I was actually drinking that fabled brew it was very much like this one. This DR at a medium light (City) roast is so smooth and mild it could melt a snow storm. Maybe even an ice storm. Absolutely amazing coffee which I will order again if the rest of you don’t snap it up first.

Was this review helpful?

by on May 12, 2020

I agree, this is a great bean! I roasted in a Gene Cafe 16" at 460 degrees, shooting for a dark medium roast or full city. Well short of 2nd crack but I pulled them from the cool (coasting) cycle when they started looking dark. I let the beans set-up for 3 days before brewing. Wow, what a tasty cup! Chocolaty and fruity, yay, perfect roast!

Was this review helpful?

by on April 17, 2020

Really good. The biggest peaberry i've roasted and the flavor was nice and full chocolate and nut flavor. I liked it best after the second crack. I used a pot on a stove top just above medium on the dial. It roasted evenly. Low acid.

Was this review helpful?

by on March 30, 2020

Was a bit leery about being a first or second reviewer on a coffee, having so little reviews, I usually do not buy any coffee unless it has 5 or more positive reviews, that being said I roasted this coffee with great trepidation, and it is now on my top 6 coffee beans to buy from Coffee Bean Corral. I roasted this green peaberry to a medium/dark roast, and it is VERY good. After brewing in my Bialetti Stove Top brewer, it turned out a beautiful caramell amber color, fresh aroma, and a great clean taste and finish. Will buy again, love it.

Was this review helpful?

by on April 6, 2018

My new favorite coffee. Roasted awesome. Great flavor, super smooth and bold, lingering finish, nice mild sweetness with a tiny punch of fruit. There's a lot in this bean.

Was this review helpful?

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