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July Coffee Sample Pack


Continental Coffees Sampler CONTINENTAL-SAMPLER
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July Sample Kit
Rarely, we may substitute a similar variety due to availability.
  • Colombia Reserva del Patron Narino Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Excellent body, deep, rich. complex and bright. Fruity (currants and plums) overtones with a nice chocolate background, just a hint of earthiness and a long, satisfying finish.
  • Ethiopian Organic Sidamo Natural FTO Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Vanilla bean and hazelnut notes. A bright cup.
  • Guatemala El Tempixque Antigua Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Complex, chocolate-covered raspberry, citrus, sweet, very clean; bright, juicy acidity.
  • Papua New Guinea Organic Korofeigu AX Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Robust, Earthy, cedar, ginger, syrupy body, spicy Mexican chocolate.
  • Peru Organic Mercedes Carranza Montenegro FTO Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Notes of Lemon, clean, toffee, nutty

A selection of unroasted samples collected into one convenient sampler pack!

  • CountryEthiopia
    Papua New Guinea
  • Organic CertificationYes
  • Fair Trade CertifiedYes
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • ProcessOther

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Roast it lighter and enjoy a creamy chocolate espresso drink with a dominant nutty taste, or take it to the limit and get the bittersweet end of the spectrum. Very versatile and quite complex.

This Costa Rican Microlot from our friends at La Minita is a hidden Gem in our offerings from Costa Rica!

The world-renowned Hacienda La Minita in Costa Rica’s Tarrazu Valley acquired the La Pradera Estate five years ago and set out to renovate the estate’s coffee trees from scratch – replanting in blocks by Arabica varietal.

Cupping notes:Fruity, juicy, heavy bodied and really sweet!
Aged outside in monsoon season. Akin to dry wine, earthy, pronounced nuttiness, with a tea-like flavor.

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