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This is an A/X grade coffee from the Western Highlands in Papua New Guinea at the Kenale Washing Station in the Mount Hagen District. This coffee was grown on Mount Hagen and processed at the Kenale washing station in Papua New Guinea. It really stands out for its distinct characteristics that are both bright and fruity in a pleasant way. Mount Hagen is an ancient volcano with soil that holds incredible nutrients for the coffee shrubs. Good soil and atmosphere can help immensely in creating an amazing cup of coffee.

Cupping Notes: Tangerine, blackberry, chocolate, pear

Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • CountryPapua New Guinea
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • ProcessWashed
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • Altitude (meters)1800 masl
  • Brightness:6
  • Body:5
  • Aroma:5
  • Complexity:4
  • Balance:5
  • Sweetness:5
  • Spicy:light bean
  • Chocolaty:medium bean
  • Buttery:-
  • Fruity:heavy bean
  • Flowery:-
  • Winey:-
  • Earthy:light bean
  • RegionMount Hagen Kenale Washing Station

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by on April 7, 2019

This coffee has a distinct fruity flavor. I like it best roasted to the second crack. It seems to take a longer time and a slightly higher temperature than other coffees I have roasted.

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