SR540 Glass Extension Tube


Fresh Roast Extension Tube
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SR540 Extension Tube is 8.5" Tall. It comes with high-temperature silicone bands for the bottom and one double lip seal for the midsection. This glass extension tube is made to help the SR540 with bean movement and better heat output. This tube is to be used with the original chamber and chaff basket. This SR540 Extension tube will allow the machine to run on lower fan and heat settings once the beans get lighter in weight. We usually finish with FAN 2, and HEAT 1. This will be very useful for any users that have a harder time with their supply voltage being slightly inadequate.

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by on April 13, 2021

This extender tube provides a better way of having the coffee beans roasted more uniformly than without it. This results in a better coffee roast. The beans are moved around much better and this is why the roast is more uniform. You may have to adjust the fan setting a little since the parchment has to travel further.

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by on January 23, 2021

When I first came across this I was excited but skeptical. I have had an SR500 for about 5 years and it just seemed the roast had become inconsistent not to mention the limited size of the roast. So I bought it and glad that I did. Roast size is much larger and this thing really moves the beans around sooo much better. My only con is that you need to be careful not to put too many beans in or it will literally hang up with beans suspended in the air or it will be too heavy for the fan to push them up. But do not let this deter you from buying. Once you get the correct amount figured out it fine.

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