Sumatra Boru Batak Lintong


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raw green bean Green coffee is raw Roast prior to consumption

Brought to us from La Minita Coffee and was stated as being the Sumatra Iskandra Premium of the old days. This coffee is a triple picked, wet hulled, coffee with massive body, flavor notes of cedar, leather, and butterscotch.

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Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • CountryIndonesia
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • ProcessWet Hulled
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • Altitude (meters)1000-1800
  • Brightness:6
  • Body:7
  • Aroma:1
  • Complexity:1
  • Balance:1
  • Sweetness:1
  • Spicy:light bean
  • Chocolaty:-
  • Nutty:-
  • Buttery:heavy bean
  • Fruity:-
  • Flowery:-
  • Winey:-
  • Earthy:-

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Cupping Notes: Chocolate, cedar, sweet tobacco, and spice, along with a mild acidity and creamy body.
A sparkling, clean, lemon-orange brightness with chocolate and nutty overtones that carry through to the long, complex finish.
Brilliant acidity, a medium body, and sweet flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar, and fine chocolate. It is impeccably balanced with a long, satisfying finish

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Customer Reviews

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by on May 18, 2021

This is a great coffee. We use it in three of our blends. It's shines best as a city to full city roast. Most notably the roasted peanut flavors strike you first. If roasted to lightly it can be a bit to bright and acidic. To dark an you'll lost the character all together.

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by on May 6, 2021

This is my new favorite coffee! I use it in cappuccinos and also straight espresso shots. It's very flavorful, sweet and bold with no bitterness and a nice full body. I usually prefer Ethiopians and Yemans but this Sumatra has me hooked.

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by on September 28, 2018

This is my second order of this particular coffee. I enjoy the full body and the earthy quality.

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by on April 14, 2018

Low acid and bold flavor.

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