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Yemen Coffees Sample Pack


Premium Coffees Sampler PREMIUM-SAMPLER
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Yemen Coffee Sampler
  • Yemen Mocca Burrai Natural Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Strawberry, red wine, vanilla, and chocolate.
  • Yemen Mocca Haimi Natural Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Vanilla, peach, lemon,and milk chocolate.
  • Yemen Mocca Ismaili Natural Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Sweet, heavy body, strawberry, chocolate, and nuttiness.
  • Yemen Mocca Matari Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Dark chocolate, red fruit, velvety body, incredibly complex - like a fine port.
  • True Mocca Java CBC Blend Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Yemen Mocha and Indonesian Java Arabica beans.

A selection of our Yemen unroasted coffee varieties, sure to make an impression!

  • CountryYemen
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • ProcessOther
  • RegionYemen

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by on July 5, 2018

4 different Yemens and a sample of the Mocha Java blend. I ordered it because I wanted to place a large order for one of the Yemens, and it matched my needs completely. I chose the Yemen Mocca Burrai. If you'd like to see what Yemen coffee tastes like, this is a great way to do it. I roasted to just before 2nd crack, then let it rest 3 days or more. Amazing coffee.

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