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Premium Coffees Sampler PREMIUM-SAMPLER
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Premium Coffees
  • Haiti High Elevation Baptiste Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Peanut aromas. Floral yet low acidity. Creamy bodied and uniform. Clean, rounded, and nutty with a smooth finish.
  • Kona Fancy Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Sweet and chocolatey with fruity undertones.
  • Kona Purple Mountain Organic Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Sweet and chocolatey with fruity undertones - in organic form.
  • Puerto Rico Cafe Chevere Ciales Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    A punchy coffee: complex, bold, and spicy.
  • Yemen Mocca - Matari Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Dark chocolate, red fruit, velvety body, incredibly complex - like a fine port.

A selection of some of our favorite premium unroasted coffee varieties, sure to make an impression!

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