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Coffee Bean Corral is participating in the Haitian Tree Project with our friends at Cafe Kreyol to help create a sustainable future in Haiti. The Own-A-Tree Project offers you the opportunity to purchase a coffee tree for a farmer in Haiti--for the average price of a cup of coffee. This will help create opportunity for a person to begin coffee farming. Consider adding a tree, or even 10, to your order, and partnering with us.

After your purchase, the tree will be planted from an organic coffee seed at their high elevation nursery, grown and cared for until it is ready to produce coffee fruit, and then given at cost to a farmer in need. Each Arabica Blue Mountain tree will produce about 3 times as much coffee fruit as the variety the farmers previously used and each plant takes only 4-5 years to start producing enough to be profitable.

Learn more about Haitian coffee beans with our coffee guide!

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