DR Congo Organic Mapendo Washed
DR of Congo: Organic Mapendo, South Kivu
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  • CategoryOrganic
  • CountryCongo
  • Local RegionAfrican Great Lakes
  • ProcessWashed
  • VarietySL-34
  • Altitude (meters)1,480 - 2,000 masl
  • Harvest21/22
  • Organic CertificationYes
  • Fair Trade CertifiedYes
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • DecaffeinatedNo


Fikiri Charlotte’s life has improved since she started growing coffee––her revenue has allowed her to purchase a goat, build her own house, and buy additional acres to grow more coffee trees. One such coffee she grows is our DR Congo Organic Mapendo––its namesake meaning “love” in Swahili (KiSwahili), the Bantu language that’s spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This washed bean is farmed in 16 lots by over 4,000 farmers, with nearly half the farmers being women. Being Fair Trade Organic certified since 2009 has helped the farm cultivate nutrient-rich soil and other resources that allow their coffee to thrive. Despite over 30 years of conflict in the Congo and the subsequent limit on coffee exports, Fikiri’s business rose above and now experiences a new time of peace.

Cupping Notes: Strawberries, red apple, and honey with intense acidity.

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