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Kope Kapuna CBC Blend


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Kope Kapuna Blend (2007 Holiday Blend)

This was our popular 2007 Holiday blend. It was such a hit that we decided to make it permanent part of coffee offerings.


As warm and inviting as a crackling fire on a brisk Holiday evening, our Holiday Blend is a perfect “anytime” coffee for the Season. I blended it smooth enough for that gentle early morning wake-up call, satisfying enough for sharing with friends during the day, and just bold enough for that perfect after-dinner cup for you or your guests. In keeping with the season’s pleasures, it’s chocolaty and fruity, has a hint of spice, and just enough heft and body to be truly satisfying. Our special offering to you.

Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • Brightness:5
  • Body:5
  • Aroma:5
  • Complexity:5
  • Balance:5
  • Sweetness:4
  • Spicy:medium bean
  • Chocolaty:heavy bean
  • Nutty:-
  • Buttery:-
  • Fruity:heavy bean
  • Flowery:-
  • Winey:-
  • Earthy:light bean

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by on June 9, 2013

Yesterday was my first attempt at roasting green coffee beans in a hot air popcorn popper. Roasted beans about 45 seconds into 2nd crack, degassed for approx. 15 hrs., ground beans ( "fine" grind) and brewed (with AeroPress) my first cup ever of home roasted coffee. WOW! This is an excellent blend, and it tastes exactly as CBC described it. Incredible! Was beginners luck in choosing (and roasting) this blend. It made the BEST cup of coffee I have ever (honestly) had. Hope you can keep the Kope Kapuna Blend in stock - I buy more as long as you carry it. Many thanks to CBC for getting me started in home roasting their excellent green coffee beans! Jim (in New Mexico, USA).

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by on January 15, 2008

This is a great blend. It is very rich and complex while also being very smooth on the finish. The chocolate is first and foremost, but there are also hints of nuts and fruit. The finish lingers and begs for you to take another sip. I roasted it to just before second crack. This is the best coffee I have had all year. I am glad they are continuing to offer it. -Dave (phisherman)
Thanks, Dave; to clarify, this was our Holiday Blend for 2007 and we will continue to carry it as long as the individual ingredients are available; remember: coffee is a crop, not a manufactured product.

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