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Kraft Tin Tie Bags with Poly Liner (Pack of 5)


Poly-lined Kraft tin-tie bags - pack of 5 kraft bags
Your Price $1.00


These are the same bags we pack our one and two pound orders in - sold without labels only.

Now also available in 2 sizes:

1 lb green beans / 1/2 lb roasted coffee
Dimensions: 2 1/2” x 3 3/8” x 7 3/4” tall (6 3/4” usable) - pack of 5 for $1.00
2 lb green beans / 1 lbs roasted coffee
Dimensions: 2 5/8” x 4 1/8” x 10 3/4” tall (9 3/4” usable) - pack of 5 for $1.50

Buy a BIG bag of coffee (to take advantage of the quantity discount), then share it with friends by repacking it in these smaller bags. These are the old-style bags that keep your green beans fresh and still allow them to breathe.

Our valved, ziplock bags are better for storing your roasted coffee.

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