Fresh Roast SR300 Roaster

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Like the “Energizer Bunny” the Fresh Roast roasters just keep on roasting!

Adjustable time

Cool button - starts a 3 minute cooling cycle

Digital timer - preset for 5.9 minutes, you can increase or decrease the time.

5 oz. batch

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I've run through my second Fresh Roast 8 and have replaced it with the SR300. The SR300 is an improvement over the 8s; the main improvement is that it roasts about twice as much coffee at a time. It comes with a digital rather than a mechanical timer which ought to make roasting a bit more repeatable. I also think the chaff catcher design makes for easier emptying. It's main fault right now is the lack of rigidity in the assembled unit which has the roasting chamber and chaff catcher loosely perched on top of the base. This shows up not when you are roasting but when you move the unit or bump it (if you leave it on the counter): it can lead to the whole stack toppling over with potentially very bad results (the handle of my 8 broke off from such an accident). So I carefully put the unit back into the shipping carton after each use (I roast two batches at a session). It would be nice if there was some sort of locking feature that
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I've used the Fresh Roast and Plus 8 for personal use for several years (I grow Kona coffee), and stick to the simplest machines because if an electronic component goes wrong, the machine becomes useless. The SR300 is so far a great machine -- large capacity and quick roast (the 5.9 minute setting roasts at medium). I'm still leery of the electronic timer -- will see if it is hardy.
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