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These are coffees that are new to Coffee Bean Corral. The new crop of an old coffee will NOT be listed here unless we have been out of it for quite some time. Please don't try to pin us down to a specific time frame on this..."when it feels new" will have to do.

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Sulawesi Organic Rantekarua Estate - gr.1
A sample pack of some of our favorite unroasted Sumatran coffee beans!
A sample pack of some of our favorite unroasted Indonesian coffee beans!
A sample pack of several of our favorite Indonesian unroasted organic coffee favorites!
Pleasant, sweet Grapefruit, hibiscus, chocolate, black tea; bright acidity, delicate body. Flavors: lemon, cherry, orange, candied apple, caramel.
Bodum ePEBO Electric vacuum coffee maker
Lemon, cherry, sage, notes of chocolate, sweet and floral complete with a smooth buttery body, sparkling acidity.
Peru Decaf Organic Royal Select FTO MWPs)
A mellow, mature Meyer lemon quality. Not acidic in the way a grapefruit or typical lemon. Very good in a darker roast.

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