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Honduran Coffee

In the past, Honduran beans were often overlooked, being shipped off to Guatemala for distribution. recent years, due to poor infrastructure. However, coffee production in the country has undergone an overhaul, to the delight of both coffee growers and consumers.

Recent government investments in the coffee industry and educational programs for coffee farmers have created a country-wide coffee revolution. Previously, Honduran coffees were mainly available only in blends. Now, Honduran green coffee beans are sold in their own right and even sought after. Honduran coffee beans are noted for having a aromatic, full-bodied, and sweet flavor profile

For an excellent starting point, check out our 18 Rabbit Honduran coffees, producing high quality, gourmet coffees year after year. This family-owned and operated farm won the Honduras Cup of Excellence in 2014, and has nothing but great things yet to come.

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Well balanced, sweet citrus fragrance, good acidity with sweet orange flavor, molasses, and a creamy body and finish.
Mild green apple, caramel, balanced chocolate, smooth and sweet.
Herbal tea notes that pair well with a complex lingering caramel finish. Clean, sweet, and floral.
**New 21/22 crop will be available in late July.
Until then, try our Honduras Honeys!!
Chocolate aromas that carry over into the cup, and pair well with a clean malic like acid that brings a fruit forward note of green apple. Extreme sweetness/balance.
Maple, a tart green apple acidity, and very sweet.
Brown sugar, lemon, and milk chocolate.

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