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Our high-quality coffee roaster replacement parts are here to keep you roasting when your coffee roaster takes a break. From the Fresh Roast Roasting Chamber 800 to the Hottop Rear Replacement Filter, find the specific replacements parts you need for your home coffee roaster.

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How you roast your coffee is based purely on preference, but the parts are integral to the coffee roasting process. For a light roast, you need a roasting machine that will allow you to carefully watch your bean and the temperature. Light roasts are done after the first crack appears in the coffee bean. If you wait much longer after this occurs, you create a medium roast.

Light roasts are known for their high acidity, light brown color and high amount of caffeine.

Medium roasts present a more balanced flavor palate with a pleasant aroma and less grainy texture than the light roast.

Medium-dark roasts have a heavy body with noticeable flavors and a spicy tone.

Dark roasts are roasted until the bean is almost black. This lends the coffee a slightly burnt taste with much less caffeine than the light roast.

Common Coffee Roaster Parts

No one should have to halt their coffee production because of a broken roaster part. That’s why we proudly carry some of the most common roaster parts for several different types of coffee roasters. This allows you to get back to roasting in no time and never worry about where you will find your next roaster piece.

One of the roaster parts that we carry are extension tubes. This glass tube with silicone rings prevents air loss from the fan in your roaster and helps create smooth bean movement throughout the roasting process. Be careful, though! This part makes the machine top heavy and is very fragile.

Fresh Roast Roasting Chambers

If the roasting chamber on your Fresh Roast is broken, you can order a replacement without having to buy an entirely new machine. We carry roasting chambers that suit the Fresh Roast 300, 500, and 700. Your roasting chamber is important and we want to provide you with options that you want.

Roasting changes not only the physical makeup of the coffee bean but also the chemical makeup, drawing out its delicate flavors and delicious aromas. The roasting chamber is what transforms the tasteless, green coffee bean into the aromatic, bright, round-bodied and well-balanced coffee bean that we know and love.

Chaff Collectors

Chaff collectors are fragile. If yours breaks, we’ve got the replacement parts you need to get it back in working order. Our chaff collector replacements work with the Fresh Roast 300, 500, and 700. We carry both a chaff basket and top cap.

The chaff is the outer skin of the coffee bean, which falls off when making a darker roast. The darker the roast, the more the chaff falls off. A chaff collector gathers your chaff during roasting, so that it doesn’t fall into your pile of roasted beans and, later, your grounds and coffee.

Air Filters

Coffee roaster filters reduce odor and smoke emissions from your roaster. We carry replacement filters so you can keep your roaster running clean and smooth.

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