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SR800 Glass Extension Tube


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SR800 Extension Tube is 10.25" Tall. It comes with high-temperature silicone bands for the bottom and one double lip seal for the midsection. This glass extension tube is made to help the SR800 with bean movement and better heat output. This tube is to be used with the original chamber and chaff basket. This SR800 Extension tube will allow the machine to run on lower fan and heat settings once the beans get lighter in weight. We usually finish with FAN 2, and HEAT 1. This will be very useful for any users that have a harder time with their supply voltage being slightly inadequate.

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by on January 3, 2021

This item appears to be out of stock for the moment, but that doesn't surprise me. It works GREAT and exactly as I hoped it would. The extra length and agitation has added a whole level control to the roasting process that the SR800 should have had from the beginning. I absolutely love this product. Note - now that your roaster is very tall, do something to support it so that you don't knock it over :)

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