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SR800 Extension Tube is 10.25" Tall. It comes with high-temperature silicone bands for the bottom and one double lip seal for the midsection. This glass extension tube is made to help the SR800 with bean movement and better heat output. This tube is to be used with the original chamber and chaff basket. This SR800 Extension tube will allow the machine to run on lower fan and heat settings once the beans get lighter in weight. We usually finish with FAN 2, and HEAT 1. This will be very useful for any users that have a harder time with their supply voltage being slightly inadequate.

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The FreshRoast SR800 coffee roasters are in stock! With a roast capacity of 8oz./ 226 Grams of wet-processed beans. The roaster features a new heavy-duty high capacity fan and heater. It has an improved control board. All adjustments are made with pushing the knob and turning to adjust the heat, fan, and time. It also features a real-time temperature readout. A quick turn of the knob to the right will display the current temperature. There are now 9 levels of heat adjustment compared to having a Low, Mediu

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by on October 26, 2021

This extension tube dramatically improved the ability to roast specialty coffee.

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by on September 21, 2021

Great product! This should be included in original equipment. I have been roasting a half pound at a time and finally achieved the level of dark roast that I enjoy.

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by on September 15, 2021

I had a very old sr500 and loved it. Replaced roasting chamber and lid a few times along the years. It finally died and I was happy to purchase the sr800 from a company that made such a good product that lasted me so long. The sr800 was just irritating to use… until I got the extension tube. It made it a totally different (and much much better) machine. I love roasting coffee with it now. So the question I have is…. Why would freshroast make a product which they KNOW needs to be modified to be as good as their old model? If it is so much better with the extension tube, why not just charge 50 bucks more and sell it as the stock unit with the extension tube? It would make their customers much happier and much better roasters… which would keep them interested longer. Anyway, that is a very long winded way of saying that I LOVE this extension tube. If you are considering buying one, just do it. You will be grateful each and every time you roast.

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by on August 20, 2021

This extension tube works great it allows the coffee beans to rotate and allows a more even roast.

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by on July 9, 2021

This tube is a little pricey. But, it allows A LOT more control over the SR800 roast. I have only roasted 1/2 lb batches so far. But, I can see maybe 3/4 lb roasts for sure. Very pleased with this add to my equipment.

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by on July 5, 2021

First one arrived in 1000 pieces. Poorly packed. Replacement arrived and it was a great add! CBC service was outstanding in replacement. Sad that tube isn’t shipped in a styrofoam case. But, all is well now and the tube really makes roast control easy. Very pleased, overall!

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by on June 11, 2021

When I purchased the SR800 Roaster for my husband, it was one of the best purchases we have made. He then told me about this extension tube and we had to try it. It is great. The coffee beans roast so much easier. He loves it and I love the coffee he roasts up for me.

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by on January 3, 2021

This item appears to be out of stock for the moment, but that doesn't surprise me. It works GREAT and exactly as I hoped it would. The extra length and agitation has added a whole level control to the roasting process that the SR800 should have had from the beginning. I absolutely love this product. Note - now that your roaster is very tall, do something to support it so that you don't knock it over :)

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