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Being one of the only two states in the United States that can grow coffee, Hawaiian coffee is the world over! With a tropical climate and rich, volcanic soil from the islands Hawaii is famous for its Kona coffee beans and Kauai coffee

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Is All Hawaiian Coffee called Kona Coffee?

While Kona coffee is the most popular Hawaiian coffee, it isn’t the only one. The name Kona doesn’t apply to all Hawaiian coffees just those grown in the “Kona Coffee Belt” in the Kona region of Hawaii’s main island. This region is actually one of the smallest commercial coffee growing regions in the world. The 800 plus coffee farms are situated on one of two volcanoes: Hualalai and Mauna Loa.

What Other Areas of Hawaii does Hawaiian Coffee Come from?

While Kona is by far the most prestigious and popular Hawaiian coffee, it isn’t the only player in the game. The other coffee growing areas of Hawaii are Ka’u, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Molokai. These areas of Hawaii have certainly come later to the game though (many in just the last 20 years). Most Hawaiian coffee farms are sugar plantations that were recently converted due to the higher profit margin for coffee vs. sugar. While these other coffee growing regions in Hawaii are really just getting started, they’re definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Unique Aspects of Hawaiian Coffee

The most unique aspect of Hawaiian coffee is that it’s grown in mineral rich volcanic soil. The coffee plants thrive not just on the soil, but also on the frequent rains and cloud cover that the islands afford. These conditions are what make Hawaii’s coffees so tasty and desirable.

Why Should I Buy Hawaiian Coffee?

Hawaiian coffee can be pricey, especially the highly sought-after Kona. Much of this is due to high demand and the low supply (only .04% of the world’s coffee comes from Hawaii). However, Kona lovers are ready to pay a premium for this sweet, nutty, chocolaty coffee with floral hints and a silky finish. Kona coffee is a bright, clean, and complex coffee with a great balance. So, if you’re looking to really treat yourself to big island flavor, you can’t go wrong with a cup of Kona.

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