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Burundian Coffee Beans

Our Burundi coffee beans hail from Nduwayezu and are characterized by beautifully complex flavors brought out by the unique processing methods used on them.

After the coffee cherry is harvested in March through June, it goes through a washing process, called wet process in the coffee industry, the cherry is pulped. When the cherry is fully pulped, it undergoes dry fermentation for multiple hours.

When this step is complete, the farmers soak the cherry in water for a few days. When we receive the coffee bean, it has been sun dried on parchment, drawing out the bright cupping notes of peach, grapefruit and cranberry, creating a fruity, flowery roast with a hint of winey brightness.

All of the work poured into these Burundi coffee beans pays off as it creates a highly sweet, smooth blend. The complexity of this bourbon variety draws people in and roast up a delightful cup of coffee .

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