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Coffee Bean Matrix

Welcome to the Coffee Bean Matrix! We created this tool to help you find your new, favorite unroasted coffee beans. If you have any questions about how to use it, feel free to reach out to our team. You can also read our Coffee Bean Matrix guide. This guide walks you through each attribute, origin, flavor, etc. so you can master this tool. Happy hunting!

Bean Origin

Bean Process

Bean Type

Bean Attributes

Brightness/acidity is a brisk and bright taste. More specifically, it is the degree of taste or flavor found in any given coffee...
Body describes how heavy the coffee feels in your mouth...
Aromas change and become more complex as the coffee goes through the roasting process...
Complexity measures the complexity of the coffee's flavor profile and body...
Balance refers to how each flavor and characteristic shows up in the coffee...
Sweetness reveals whether the coffee has sweet or tart characteristics...

Bean Flavors

Having the taste and/or aroma of more common cooking spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove or allspice. Generally pungent and sharp or vegetable-like.
Having the taste and/or aroma of the various types of chocolate from dark, semi-sweet to milk chocolate; and vanilla: products from the vanilla bean.
Having the taste and/or aroma of various nuts: fresh or roasted nuts, not seasoned nuts. The taste of malt is very similar, being mild and a bit like flour.
Having the taste and/or aroma of thick, yet very light milk chocolate without the cacao, chocolate flavor – often a function of mouth-feel as well.
Having the taste and/or aroma of a wide array of fruits from apples to berries to tropical fruits. We usually identify the dominant fruit class.
Having the taste and/or aroma of various flowers, from fruit-producing flowers to purely decorative types. A close cousin of Spicy, but not as bold.
Having the taste and/or aroma of fine wines (screw-top wines don’t count). Generally suggesting a sharp bit of tartness with a slightly sour note.
Having the taste and/or aroma of the great outdoors, sometimes a woody flavor but more often a pleasant characteristic resulting from an abundance of chaff in the roasting process.

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