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Understanding the Coffee Bean Matrix

Years ago, we created the Coffee Bean Matrix to help you, our customers, navigate our wide selection of coffee beans and find something you love. As with everything else, the Coffee Bean Matrix has undergone changes – always with the intent to make this tool as helpful as possible.

Coffee Bean Matrix

But we recognize that, at first glance, the matrix can appear intimidating. That being said, we wanted to create a resource to walk you through the matrix. Whether you’re new to Coffee Bean Corral or have been around for a while, we hope this guide helps you get the most out of the matrix!

What Is the Coffee Bean Matrix?

In simple terms, the Coffee Bean Matrix sorts all our coffees based on specific criteria that you set. The goal is to help you find coffee that you will love. When using the matrix, you are able to choose the coffee origin, processing method, and bean type. You can narrow your search even further by selecting the range for each bean attribute or flavor.

We work hard to ensure the matrix is as accurate as possible. Because coffee is an agricultural product, the flavor notes can change year to year. As regions experience more rainfall or greater temperature fluctuations, the growing climate changes. And you end up with a slightly different tasting coffee.

Each coffee farm sends a pre-shipment of the coffee beans ahead of the actual shipment. We roast the new crop’s sample, alongside a sample of the current crop, noting any differences between the two. This helps us give you the most up-to-date flavor notes, ensuring you find a coffee that you really love.

How to Use the Coffee Bean Matrix

The top half of the matrix is relatively easy to understand. Under each section – Bean Origin, Bean Process, and Bean Type – there is a list of places, processes, and certifications that you can select. If you only want to browse Rainforest Alliance (RFA) Certified coffees, simply check the RFA Certified box.

If you enjoy natural processed and washed coffees, check both boxes. If you only want to browse African coffees, check the African origin box. You are able to select as many boxes as you want, but keep in mind that the more boxes you select, the more results you’ll get.

Coffee Bean Matrix

The bottom half of the matrix is comprised of Bean Attributes and Bean Flavors. Next to each is a sliding scale.

For Bean Attributes, the scale ranges from 1 to 7. For Bean Flavors, it ranges from 1 to 4. For each, 1 represents a lack of the specific characteristic, and 4 (or 7 for the attributes) is the highest amount of this characteristic.

For example, if you would like a coffee that has a rich, chocolate flavor. You should move the slider to 3 and 4. If you want the coffee to be sweet, as well, move the slider to 4 and 7. At the same time, if you want to avoid a bright coffee, move the slider to position 1 or 2. In this way, you’re able to build a coffee flavor profile that you would enjoy.

Coffee Bean Matrix

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