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Central American Green Coffee Beans

Travel to Central America with your morning cup of coffee. Experience the brilliant cupping notes cultivated by nutrient rich, volcanic soil, high altitudes, and great growing conditions. From the Organic Certified Nicaragua green coffee beans to the prized Costa Rican green coffee beans and everywhere in between, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. If you’re struggling to decide between two or three different varieties, then check out the Central American sample pack, and try five of our favorite Central American coffee beans!

Costa Rica

Cultivated in nutrient-rich, volcanic soil at high altitudes, Costa Rican coffee beans are one of the most prized in the world. Expect a deliciously aromatic, bright cup of coffee with notes of nuts, fruit, caramel, and chocolate – All incredibly well-balanced, of course.

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El Salvador

El Salvador is the more mild and gentle of the Central American coffees. A subtle, delicious aroma permeates the coffee, while notes of fresh berries, flowering jasmine, and crisp bergamot distinguish it as El Salvador coffee. A lingering, honey sweetness finishes the whole experience.

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Honduran coffee is once again on the rise and goodness gracious are we glad! Sourced from coffee farms we trust, these high quality, single origin Honduran coffee beans are highly aromatic, full-bodied, and sweet. Often underrated, this coffee is worth every sip.

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Panama has some of the best growing conditions for coffee. And the coffee beans definitely take full advantage of this with deep, earthy flavors balanced by bright, fruity, and floral notes, a rich body, and winey acidity. You’ll want to give this coffee a try.

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Grown by small coffee farms, our Nicaraguan coffee beans are Organic Certified. Similar to other Central American coffees, Nicaraguan coffee has a winey acidity with notes of chocolate, citrus, and nuts, a rich body, and buttery mouthfeel. An old classic, it’s great for someone wanting trustworthy, organic coffee.

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Coffee Bean Producing Regions of Central America

Costa Rican Coffee Beans

Costa Rican coffee beans are considered to be some of the best in Central America. Beans from Costa Rica are given altitude ratings, and the highest-rated beans are grown at the highest altitude. These are designated as “strictly hard beans”. These beans have a higher acidity or brightness, meaning that the taste is sharp and bright. And, many describe the balance as near to perfect. You will also notice that beans from Costa Rica have fruity, chocolatey, nutty flavors. Another distinguishing factor to Costa Rican beans is their intensely fragrant aroma.

Guatemalan Coffee Beans

Like Costa Rican beans, Guatemalan beans are rated by elevation with the highest rating going to the highest elevation. Guatemalan beans typically have full-bodied flavor, which is atypical of most Central American coffees. Most also are sweet, chocolaty, and spicy in flavor. These coffees are often rich and even velvety. The Antigua region of Guatemala is renowned as the best coffee growing region in the country. Situated in a valley surrounded by three volcanoes, the soil is ideal for creating a deep chocolaty flavor and a full-bodied, balanced cup of coffee. Give the Antiguan beans a try if you prefer this flavor profile.

Mexican Coffee Beans

The majority of coffee in the United States is imported from Mexico. So, chances are you’ve had this coffee somewhere before. However, abundance in beans doesn’t mean they’re all ordinary. Quite the opposite is true. Several high-quality coffees come from the various Mexican states, including Chiapas. While there are certainly distinctives to coffees grown in the various regions of this vast country, some flavors seem to be generally present in most beans from Mexico. Typically, you will notice chocolaty, nutty, buttery, and flowery flavors. And most Mexican coffees have a lighter body and acidity.

Subtleties of Central American Beans

Central America is a large region, and you will find tasty nuances and differences depending on where each bean is grown. If you’re uncertain where to begin, a good starting place is our Central American Coffees Sampler. You’ll be introduced to coffees from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, and Panama. Another great resource is our Coffee Bean Matrix. Here you can personalize all of your preferences, even region. At the Coffee Bean Corral, we’re committed to helping you discover your best cup of coffee.

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