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Explore our collection of green coffee bean blends created by our Coffee Bean Corral team! Combined and masterfully refined, these blends are best for milk-based drinks, straight espresso shots, or (just for fun) an espresso martini. With each blend, you’ll enjoy classic dark tastes with hints of chocolate however you best like your coffee. If you can’t decide which blend to try first, then check out our CBC Blends sample pack – Complete with our top five blends.

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Ferdelance Espresso Blend

Unique Profile

Give the Ferdelance a try, and you may never find another espresso you prefer over it. Masterfully refined over the years, this blend is a true winner. When roasted dark, it offers a truly potent cup. You will enjoy the sweet taste, the deep rich flavor profile, and the thick crema. Look to this coffee blend for heavy body and a great balance. At a lighter roast, this blend is creamy and chocolaty with a strong nutty flavor.


Our customers really love this espresso blend. They find it forgiving for the first-time roaster, because it really is great at any level of darkness. They also love the robust body and the rich crema. Many keep this on-hand at all times.

Onobeano’s Latte blend

Unique Profile

The Onobeano’s Latte Blend was born out of a realization: not all espressos lend themselves to making great lattes. This blend was created to perfectly open up in a cup of steamed milk. You’ll notice that this rich, chocolaty blend is buttery and rich with no bitterness. The dominant sweetness is undeniable and begs to be appreciated without any extra sugar. This coffee is well balanced and bright with a great body. Try it in any espresso drink and see if it isn’t a new favorite.


Customers love the strong chocolate flavor (Who doesn’t?). Many customers appreciate its versatility and lack of bitterness. And, several prefer roasting this bean to full city roast.

True Mocca Java CBC Blend

Unique Profile

Mocha Java is an ancient blend of coffee, with roots going all the way back to the 15th century. Sailors transporting coffees from the Yemen port of Mocha and Java Island in Indonesia would often mix together the beans, creating the lovely blend we still drink today. Our Mocca Java Blend is complex and well balanced. Look for the classic chocolate taste, with other notes of fruit, nuts, and smooth butter. These beans are ideal for espresso or dark roast.


Our customers love the smooth chocolaty flavor. And, we have many repeat orders of this tasty favorite.

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