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Tanzanian Coffee

Tanzania green coffee beans are similar to that of its neighbor, Kenya. If you like Kenyan coffee, you’ll likely enjoy Tanzanian. One difference is their acidity. Tanzanian green coffee beans tend to have a more muted acidity.

With coffee from Tanzania, you will notice rustic, undomesticated flavors. This is a great coffee to enjoy around a cozy campfire or, at least, one that will have you reminiscing of nights spent under the stars.

Deeply rich, Tanzanian coffee has a strong taste, medium to full body, a certain intensity, and lovely creaminess. Even after you have finished your cup of coffee, you will notice lingering notes of herbs and spices.

Different from the average Tanzanian coffee bean, Tanzanian peaberry green coffee beans are excellent, bursting with flavor. Unlike the typical coffee fruit with two halves, peaberry coffees contain only a single bean per fruit. Because the coffee plant only has to sustain and grow one bean, those beans are more deeply flavorful.

Be careful when roasting the Tanzanian peaberry coffee beans. Because peaberry beans are a different size than other beans, they cannot be roasted together or you will end up with a very uneven roast.

Ready to give Tanzanian green coffee beans a try? Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have on your roasting journey, and let us know what you think of your coffee!

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