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Tanzanian Coffee

Tanzanian green coffee beans can be compared to the beans grown by their neighbor, Kenya. However, the acidity in a Tanzanian bean tends to be slightly muted. You will notice rustic, undomesticated flavors. This is a great coffee for around the campfire, or at least one that will harken you back there. There are often flavors of herbs and spices that will linger long after your cup is over. Tanzanian coffees are also typically deep and rich with a strong taste. They have a medium to full body that is intense and creamy.

The Tanzanian Peaberry is an excellent coffee bursting with flavor. Peaberry coffees contain only a single bean per fruit, unlike the usual two beans. Because the plant only has to sustain and grow one bean, those beans are more deeply flavorful. However, because peaberry beans are a different size than other beans, do not roast them with other beans, as they will roast at varying rates and produce an uneven roast.

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