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Rwandan Coffee

You don’t tend to hear much about coffee from Rwanda. However, it’s one of the top 30 coffee-producing countries in the world and tends to produce some pretty delightful beans. So, why don’t we know much about them? Well, the secret is that most of their coffee is exported to Japan and not to the west. However, when you can get your hands on some green Rwandan coffee beans, you should give them a try. They are grown in very suitable high altitude conditions with great soil profiles.

The beans are typically grown by small farms and double wet processed in smaller washing stations. This double washing process (more common in Africa) tends to create bright, fruity, clean notes, typical of Rwandan coffee. Our Rwandan green coffee beans are well balanced, with citrus, fruit, and floral flavors, and have medium acidity. Check out our Hingakawa Women’s Co-Op coffee to support the first female farmer association in Rwanda. This coffee is also fair trade.

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