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Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian green coffee beans are some of the highest quality coffee beans grown in the world. One of the great coffee origin stories claims that Ethiopia was where coffee was first discovered by a tired shepherd. He noticed his goats eating coffee cherries and tried them for himself.

Regardless of the tale’s veracity, Ethiopia has a rich coffee culture and tradition. From its traditional coffee ceremony, to different growing regions offering a varied selection of delicious coffees.

One of most popular beans come from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. This coffee is known for being full bodied. However, if you are looking for a truly bold cup of coffee, try the Organic Yirgacheffe.

It’s powerful aroma is only a foretaste of the complex flavor you will find in every cup. This coffee has the boldness, brightness, and complexity of a full carafe fit into each small cup. It’s no wonder that this coffee is a regular for many of our regulars.

If you’re looking for the differing Ethiopian coffee bean varieties, try our Ethiopian Sample Pack, which contains five selections to choose from.

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