Nicaraguan Coffee Beans

Our Nicaragua Finca La Isabelia comes from the high altitudes of the Cordillera Isabella mountains. These mountains contain many small coffee farms, surrounded by beautiful land and fun hiking trails. The farm that provides our Nicaraguan coffee beans is run by a multi-generation family of farmers who take great pride in their production process and their end product. Soil, containing volcanic ash and clay, provides the perfect growing environment for these coffee beans.

The final product coffee beans are certified organic. They have a winey brightness and acidity that is combined with a rich body and lovely aroma. The complimentary notes of chocolate, nuttiness and citrus create a sweet roasted blend that is finished well by the buttery texture.

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Good acidity, creamy body, light honey flavor with notes of almond and brown sugar. Roasted medium.
Brown sugar aroma, sweet and lingering chocolatey aftertaste and crisp acidity with notes of citrus, orange, peach, and dark chocolate.

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