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Decaffeinated Green Coffee Beans

Decaffeinated green coffee beans for sale from around the world! Buy and roast at home or in-store, just the way you want them. Our unroasted decaf varieties pack less caffeine, but full flavor!

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Muted, earthy, fruit tones and a strong caramelly overtone that permeates the pallette all the way through to the aftertaste.
Dry chocolate and nutty tones balance well with smooth caramel notes to produce a most enjoyable cup of coffee.
A sparkling, clean, lemon-orange brightness with chocolate and nutty overtones that carry through to the long, complex finish.
A sparkling, clean, lemon-orange brightness with chocolate and nutty overtones that carry through to the long, complex finish.
A selection of some of our favorite unroasted decaf coffees!
Ethiopian Organic Natural Decaf
Fruited brightness, balanced with background chocolate notes and a hint of florals.
Sweet cocoa and raisin at full medium roast.
Mexican Organic Royal Select Decaf
Peru Decaf Organic Royal Select FTO MWPs)
Having almost as much body as the high-octane Sumatras, it provides a nice, clean cup with the complexities found in other Sumatrans.

A Brief Primer on How Decaffeinated Coffee Is Made

Every coffee origin story testifies to the wonder of discovering the almost miraculous invigorating properties of the coffee bean. In fact, even today much of the popularity of coffee still hinges on its ability to promote energy in its drinkers.

However, sometimes we just want a warm cup of joe before bed, and more energy is the last thing we need for a good night’s sleep. Hence, the invention of decaf! Truth be told, decaffeinated coffee often endures much ridicule from purists who think decaffeinating coffee must involve removal of all flavor. However, a good cup of decaffeinated coffee doesn’t have to be a thing of legend.

Most current decaffeination processes really do rid the beans of caffeine without the tell-tale loss of flavor. Coffee is decaffeinated by two main sources, chemicals and water. Chemical decaffeination relies on certain chemicals removing the caffeine from the beans. The different processes of chemical decaffeination vary as do the types of chemicals used, but the idea is the same.

A chemical is introduced to the beans that removes the caffeine. Then the chemical itself is removed from the beans. The other main way of decaffeinating coffee is done by water process. This natural process is the only “organic” way of decaffeinating beans, and is known as the Swiss Water Process (SWP) or the Mountain Water Process (MWP).

Most purists prefer the water process over the chemical process, both because the process itself is natural and because it arguably leaves the flavor profiles more fully intact than chemical processing.

Best Selling Decaf Coffee from Coffee Bean Corall

The sign of a good cup of decaf is that you can’t tell you’re drinking decaf. You would need someone to tell you if you wanted to discern whether our best selling decaffeinated coffees are actually decaf. You may note that they are all water processed coffees, and we think it makes a big difference in their flavor profiles remaining strong. Give them a try and see if you can tell they’re decaf.

  • Bali Hai Organic Decaf Indonesian Blend - This Organic coffee is Swiss Water Processed (SWP). It is a very mellow coffee with muted earthy and fruity tones. It’s prevalent caramel flavor carries through the entire cup, making it a perfect treat after dinner. This coffee promises to carry you off to sweet dreams with no caffeine to keep you up.
  • Guetamala Organic DecafThis decaf coffee has everything you can feel good about. It’s a fair trade coffee that is organically grown and Mountain Water Processed (MWP). And, you will love the flavor! Again, there is no telling that this is actually a decaffeinated coffee. It’s a high acid, full bodied, highly complex coffee with notes of chocolate, fruit, and mild lemon. You will love this bold and well balanced coffee because it’s a cup you can still enjoy even when you can’t add any more caffeine into your day.
  • Guatemala Decaf Royal Select SWPLike it’s organic Guatemalan sister, this decaffeinated beauty is in no way a lesser tasting coffee because of its lack of caffeine. This coffee is Swiss Water Processed (SWP), so the beans retain their original flavor profile. You will enjoy flavor notes of chocolate, fruit and slight lemon in this bold and balanced coffee. It offers a complex, full bodied cup that is bright and floral. We recommend a full medium roast on this one.

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