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Cleaning and Maintaining your Coffee Equipment

In our pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee there’s one mundane, often overlooked, very necessary component: upkeep. We must keep our equipment in clean, best-working order if we want to achieve a great cup of coffee. Read on to learn about why cleaning your coffee equipment is important, and to discover great products to assist you in this process.

Why is it important to clean your coffee equipment?

Cleaning your equipment removes the accumulated coffee oil residue from your machine. That residue will age and become bitter over time, creating a flavor profile that you don’t want in your cup. Moreover, coffee residue will clog and block your machines over time, eventually making it unusable. If you use your machines every day, we recommend cleaning them weekly to keep them in best-working order and your coffee tasting fresh.

What products are best for cleaning my coffee equipment?

Cafiza tablets - These handy tablets clean away old coffee oil in automatic brewers. Easy to use, powerful, and effective, they clean the inner workings of your machine, keeping it free of harmful buildup, and your coffee free from stale coffee taste.

Grindz - This unique, patented product is a natural safe way to clean your grinder of unwanted coffee residue. And, unlike other cleaners, you don’t have to disassemble your grinder.

Why is it important to descale your coffee equipment regularly?

Over time mineral scale builds up on the heating elements of all coffee equipment. This buildup keeps the machine from reaching optimal temperatures. At lower temperatures, the full flavor of your coffee beans cannot be extracted, negatively affecting the taste of your brew.

Dezcal - This coffee and espresso machine descaling powder breaks down the mineral deposits on your machine which can cause machine failure and inconsistent temperatures. Dezcal works more effectively than vinegar, but without the odor.

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