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No matter what kind of brewing method you prefer, from cold brew to other brew methods, our coffee bean grinders come from well known and respected brands and models such as the Baratza Encore, Bodum Bistro, and EcoGrinder can provide you with the perfect grind.

We have coffee grinders for seasoned pros and the entry level coffee lovers with plenty of range in between. With a range of options, from burr grinders to blade grinders, our that can help you dial in right grind settings to achieve consistent coffee grounds that make a perfect cup of coffee each and every time.

Brewing great coffee isn't difficult, but depending on how you want to brew, you'll need your coffee beans ground to the correct grind size - and not all grinders are created equal!

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What’s the Best Coffee Grinder for My Needs?

Buying a good coffee grinder is a must for every coffee lover. But, what makes for a good coffee grinder? Regardless of where you are in your quest for great coffee, when it comes to grinding your own beans a burr grinder is a must. A burr grinder is simply two revolving surfaces (called burrs) that grinds coffee into a uniform size. These surfaces can be adjusted according to the desired fineness of the coffee. The alternative to burr grinders are blade grinders. They have a revolving blade (like a plane propeller) that cuts the coffee beans into non-uniform sizes. That is the crux of the matter. Only a burr grinder provides a consistent and uniform grind while best preserving the aroma and flavor of the beans. But, which burr grinder is the right one for you? Here are three options to consider ranked by price and features.

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder - Best Budget Option

The Bodum Bistro is a really great choice for anyone on a budget. It is the best rated burr grinder in the budget category. It’s reliable, durable, and has enough grind settings to give you almost any grind you could want. It grinds with consistency and is easy to use. It’s also free from the common issues associated with clogging due to coffee bean build-up, meaning it’s easier to maintain. The real drawback is the lack of ability to grind the finest kinds of coffee such as Turkish coffee. You can grind espresso in it, but it really isn’t the best suited for it. However, it’s a great little grinder. And, for the price point, it can’t be beat.

Baratza Encore - A Great Grind without the Frills

This grinder was rated by the NY Times as the best grinder for the money. It’s no surprise that this entry level Baratza grinder has all of the quality you’ve come to expect in the name you trust. This grinder has an expansive grinding range from Turkish (powder) to French press (very coarse), with a total of 40 grinding variances. You can grind in the provided cup or your own portafiller. Grind with the autogrind feature, or grind manually. The Encore gives you a truly great consistent grind for an amazing price. If you don’t want to pay for all of the extra features in a more expensive model, take advantage of this excellent grinder.

Baratza Sette 270Wi - The Holy Grail of Grinders

If you are looking to create and recreate the perfect grind every time, look no further. The award winning Baratza Sette has revolutionized the grinding process. With the Sette 270Wi, you can monitor, log, track, and reproduce every grinding session. Its Bluetooth capabilities give you all of the control you need to really hone your craft using the Baratza BrewBar app. And, the Acaia scale lets you distributed the specified grams (accurate to the 1/10 of a gram) directly into your portafiller or vessel. But, aside from all of the intuitive bells and whistles (of which there are many more), the SetteWi gives you the most accurate, easily reproduced, best tasting grind available on the market. If you want to go all out, the Sette 270Wi is the way to go!

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