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Indian coffee beans are anything but ordinary. If you’ve never tried an Indian monsooned coffee bean, then you really should give our Monsooned Malabar a try. The term “monsooned” comes from the unique process of aging the coffee beans in the soaking rain during the entire monsoon season. This is a complete contrast to the typical process of drying coffee beans in the sun. Of course, monsooned beans are eventually dried, but the constant wetness of the process washes the color out of the coffee beans, leaving them a lighter golden color. It also mellows the flavor and adds a nutty taste to the beans.

However, not all Indian coffees are of the monsooned variety. For a more intense cup, reminiscent of Turkish coffee, you should consider the bold Mysore bean. It is full bodied, bright and spicy, with a sweet nutty base. This complex coffee is one you will come back to time and again. You will want to try various roastings to bring out the different nuances of this versatile green Indian coffee bean.

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