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Coffee Bean Roasters

Before you look at our coffee roasters, or to help you decide what to buy, you might find some benefit in reading about how to choose a coffee bean roaster.

A good roaster will help you roast your coffee how you want it and also make it easier to repeat it the next time.

When you're ready, learn how to roast coffee!

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Which Coffee Roaster Should I Buy?

There are really two main types of home roasting machines: fluid-air bed and drum machines. The first type uses hot air to roast the beans, while the drum machines roast the beans continuously spinning them in a hot, rotating chamber. But, to determine which roaster to buy, you need to ask yourself three questions:

  • How much coffee do I drink?
    Fluid-air bed machines just don’t measure up to the capacity of drum machines. If you drink a lot of coffee, you might consider the drum model over the fluid-air model.
  • How long have I been roasting?
    Some of the more advanced drum machines can be overwhelming to new roasters. All of the programmable bells and whistles are a great addition for mature roasters, but if you are just starting out, a fluid-air bed machine might be a smarter choice to learn on.
  • How do I like my coffee?
    Fluid-air bed machines roast at a quicker pace and hotter temps. Even roasted to the same darkness, they produce brighter more complex coffees. While the drum roasters tend to produce coffees with more sweetness and body, and tend to produce preferable espresso and darker roasts for this reason.

Popular Roasters

The Fresh Roast SR540 Roaster
The Fresh Roast roasters are some of the most popular and affordable fluid-air bed roasters available. The 540 model has a lot of feature upgrades since the beloved 500 model. It has a roast capacity of 120 grams (4 scoops). It has 9 levels of heat adjustments and a wider range of fan adjustments. A single knob controls the heat, time, and fan. It also gives you a real-time temperature reading. The ease of use and the great functionality makes the fluid-air bed roaster a great choice for beginners who are wanting to grow in their knowledge of home roasting. And, for those who prefer the taste of a brighter, more complex roast this roaster is a great affordable option.

Gene Café Drum Roaster
This drum roaster affords a much larger roast than the Fresh Roast 540. It roasts up to ½ pound (250g) of coffee for those who need a larger capacity roaster. It’s an intuitive roaster that is ideal for both the novice and the more experienced roaster. The simple knobs allow you to control the time and temperature of your roast for every step of the process. The glass chamber allows you to visually monitor the progress of your roast. The unique off-axis rotation assures that your green coffee will be uniformly roasted. Finally, this model does have a venting system, and can be attached to a common dryer vent hose. This model is a great choice for those who want “all of the control.” It has enough great features that let you see and know what is going on with your roast, but the control is in your hands.

The Hottop KN-882B-2K+
Sounds pretty sophisticated right? Let’s just call it the Hottop “B-2K+” or the “plus” for short. And, when it comes to plusses, this machine has them all. The plus is Hottop’s flagship model. They call it the most sophisticated home-roaster ever. It actually has two thermocouples, one to monitor bean temperature and one to monitor the environmental temperature. The plus also has a USB port that allows it to use third party software to graph, record, and reproduce exact roasts. While it does have many automatic features, you can also have full manual control with this model. Advanced roasters will love the control, accuracy, and the repeatability of roasting with this machine. And, of course, big coffee drinkers will love the 300g capacity of this drum roaster.

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