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Gene Cafe Drum Roaster - Black
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The Gene Cafe is a wonderful roaster that produces uniformly roasted coffee beans.

Your Gene Cafe roaster comes with your choice of TWO of our 5 bag Sample Packs ...FREE!

The Gene Cafe CBR-101 has established itself as an excellent roaster capable of producing approximately half a pound of uniformly roasted coffee (250g). Ideal for both the novice and more experienced home coffee roaster. With simple time and temperature knob controls, and easy-to-view glass chamber, the user is able to watch the full progression of the roast. The CBR-101 uses a unique vortex twisting, off-axis chamber rotation which assures complete distribution of the green coffee during roasting. This motion is one of the main reasons for the roasted coffee's uniform color.

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A sparkling, clean, lemon-orange brightness with chocolate and nutty overtones that carry through to the long, complex finish.
The aroma is rich, dark, chocolate, classic on the nose. Acidity is low to medium and the body is full. The flavor is subtle: dark, mocha notes, and rich.
Ziplock pouches with One-way valve for storing roasted coffee: sized for 1/2 lb of roasted coffee AND 1 lb of roasted coffee - each order is for a pack of 4 bags.

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by on November 13, 2007

This is my first roaster (I have had it over a year now) but it is an excellent air roaster that has consistent results. It is so easy to use. I spent about 3 months doing all kinds of research on coffee roasters. For someone who never roasted before, this is the easiest roaster on the market. I saw a video on You-Tube and I thought it was really cool at how easy it worked. One neat thing about it is the roasting viewing chamber, you are able to see the bean color and roast level through the entire roast without problems. The Gene Cafe is different in that the amount of air pushing through the roast chamber is only for heat; not to actually agitate the beans like so many of the other hot air roasters I did my research on. The Gene Cafe has a neat auger and flap system. This makes sure that the beans are always in motion, which will prevent scorching. So this means that the Gene Cafe is quiet. You can be standing next to it and carry on a conversation and not have to yell. A neat thing about the Gene Cafe is the control system; you can change the roast temperature in real time with just the turn of a knob. You can also easily put the Gene Cafe into its cooling cycle. You will find that the majority of air and smoke exits for the left end of the roaster. I have read that Gene Cafe currently has in the works a smoke redirection device that you can add on the end. So is there a down side of this roaster? Yes. One thing I didn't like about the Gene Cafe was the chaff collection. When the chaff is blown off of the beans, it needs to go through a stainless grate in the roasting chamber. A small flap knocks the chaff loose (that way it can pass through the grate easer) with each turn of the roasting chamber. If the coffee you are roasting makes a lot of chaff the grate can get to full. This is really not that big of a deal because the air will just redirect through the roast chamber lid. But if you hook up some sort of a smoke redirection device, it will help. (That’s what I did and I direct it outside out my window. I use a dryer vent hose). I really wish that the cooling cycle was better, especially when you are roasting on the hottest setting, but it will do the job. Or you can do what I did. I went and got a fan and a metal colander. I set the fan on top and turn it on high for about 10 minutes. All in all, the Gene Cafe is a great roaster. I have now been roasting for a year and I love it. If this is your first roaster as it was for me. Go for it and spend the extra money. It will be worth it. Remember you will be doing this for the rest of your life. Never will you go back to the old stale Folgers coffees of the world!!!
Thanks for your wonderful review. I do, however, have to clarify one detail; the Gene Cafe is classified as a drum roaster, not an air roaster. The air design entails air floating the beans for agitation, the full name being "fluid-air bed". Regardless, your points on the Gene Cafe are well taken. Thanks again.

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by on September 17, 2008

We upgraded from a popcorn popper to this roaster! Wow what a difference very reliable and a great roaster. Great selection on choosing temperture and time of roasting beans. Super!!!!!

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by on September 10, 2007

I have been using my roaster for several months now and I have to say it is simply the best roaster I have ever used. Granted I haven't used a Hottop but that's more money then I would want to spend. This unit simply works! I have done several roasts back to back and it handled it flawlessly. I believe it is the best of both worlds from the fluid air bed to the drum roasters. The roasts are always consistent and even.

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by on February 27, 2018

We’ve been using ours at least as long as David above. This is the devise that will get you covered for many years- economically. I think it’s best to set it up outside- on a table top and cover it with a small, heavy tarp between uses. It is a smoky happening during roasts. Outside temps will affect the settings but then again, different beans require different settings anyway- etc.. When you want to get serious with your coffee- this is the way to go. And the Corral is a user-friendly outfit that you talk with along the way with questions. It’s been a fun, economical experience over the years.

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by on May 3, 2014

I've had this roaster for 2 years and it is still working great! I cook about 1.5 lb a week, so 3 batches . It takes a bit to learn how long to cook different beans, as some cook faster than others, and the weather makes a difference if you cook outside. But, as someone who's been roasting for a decade, I think this roaster is the best purchase I've made!

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by on May 28, 2018

I did quite a bit of research before I decided to jump into roasting my own beans. While this machine is a little more pricey, it had all the features I was looking for. Placing the order was simple and easy. I received the order quickly and in excellent condition. I was up and roasting in no time with great results.

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by on June 10, 2017

I've been using this roaster for about 6 years and it still roasts like the day I got it. I love it, great roaster!

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