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Fair Trade Organic Green Coffee Beans

Fair trade organic (FTO) green coffee beans combine two different elements of responsible coffee growing giving you peace of mind that these varieties were grown with the environment and the growers (and their communities) in mind.

Browse our unroasted FTO coffee beans and you'll find some of our most popular varieties!

Fair Trade Certified

What Does Fair Trade Organic Coffee Mean?

Coffees with the fair trade and organic labels (FTO) give customers insight into the production process of a particular coffee. So, let’s take each label in turn and go behind the scenes to discover what they mean.

  • Fair Trade Coffee
    Fair trade coffees must meet the standards set by the particular fair trade organization that is certifying them. These organizations set similar standards aimed at helping improve the quality of life for farming communities in the developing world. They promote fair wages, safe working conditions, community development, and good environmental practices.
  • Organic Coffee
    Organic Coffees are grown without the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Instead, the organic growing process relies on natural methods, renewable resources, and soil and water conservation. The result is a better use and care of the environment over time.

Coffees bearing these certifications sell for a higher price, benefitting the growers, and the communities in which they live. This accounts for the higher price that consumers pay for FTO coffees.

Why Buy Fair Trade Organic Coffee?

If fair trade organic (FTO) coffee is more expensive, then why buy it? Most experts agree that any trace chemicals on non-organic coffees burn off during the roasting process, so the chemicals used in non-organic coffees don’t really affect the consumer. However, most people who buy FTO coffee have a bigger picture in mind than just their own health concerns. The coffee industry is the second largest international commodity in the world (following oil). So, the impact of conscientious practices in this industry is enormous. FTO coffees raise the quality of life for individuals and whole communities, and they also promote safe environmental practices. While FTO coffees do come at a greater cost, many consumers feel that the human rights and environmental benefits of buying FTO coffees far outweigh the costs.

Popular FTO Green Coffee Beans

  • Ethiopian Organic Yirgacheffe FTO
    If you’re looking to climb a mountain with your first morning sip, this is the coffee for you. One of our boldest, biggest coffees, the Yergacheffe FTO is a great choice for those who love a heavier-bodied coffee. You’ll have trouble waiting for this coffee to cure, because the fresh roasted scents will draw you in immediately. But, the aroma isn’t it’s only strong point, the Yergacheffe is equally complex, bold, and bright. Moreover, you’ll taste flavors of chocolate, sweet honey, fruit, and enjoy a smooth caramel texture. If you’re looking for something bold in your cup, give this coffee a try. It may just become a regular in your morning arsenal.
  • Columbia Organic Sierra Nevada
    This coffee is a favorite staple for many of our roasters. Like other Columbians, you can expect floral and fruity notes. However, this coffee is much lighter in acidity and body than others. You can expect a bright clean cup with sweet chocolate and earthy undertones to compliment the floral notes. At this point, it’s easy to see why this coffee has a high complexity rating. And, you can expect a smooth cup whatever darkness of roast you choose.
  • Mexico Organic Chiapas
    This coffee is grown in the southernmost state of Mexico, Chiapas, which produces more coffee than any other state. And, as Mexico imports more coffee to the U.S. than any other country, you have probably had chiapas coffee before. This particular Chiapas coffee offers a delightfully well-balanced cup. The chocolate and floral overtones carry through to a lovey nutty finish. This coffee has excellent balance and a nice buttery consistency. It’s easy to see why this Chiapas coffee is an overall favorite of many roasters and their friends.
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