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Mexican Coffee

While most of our coffee in the U.S. comes from Mexico, many fine Mexican coffees are anything but ordinary. Most Mexican coffees come from the more mountainous southern portion of the country, such as Oaxaca and Chiapas. Both of these states produce highly regarded coffees. Chiapas, the most southern state, borders Guatemala, and has high growing conditions, with a hot, tropical climate, ideal for producing excellent coffees. Chiapas coffee is typically light and rich with brisk acidity and medium body.

Our Chiapas coffee is very well balanced, with chocolate and floral overtones. It’s full bodied with a buttery consistency and a nutty finish. Our Organic Oaxaca FTO coffee is another great choice for those looking for an extremely well-balanced, complex coffee with chocolate, nutty, flower tastes and a buttery consistency. Give our sample sizes a try and discover which Mexican coffee suits your palate. Or, check out our Latin American Coffees Sample Pack to compare the Oaxaca to other Latin American Coffees.

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Milk chocolate, candied citrus, earthy finish.
Medium body, medium acidity, smoky with almond nuttiness and slight hints of peach.
Milk chocolate, nutty, grape, citrus; medium body, cools sweet
Washed and sun dried. Cups with notes of dark chocolate, a slight citrus sweetness, some nuttiness and a well-rounded body.
**New crop 21/22 is here!!!!**
supremely sweet with a mild orange citric acidity, chocolate and sugar cane flavor profile, and a big creamy body. It is very clean and consistent.
Cupping Notes: Very clean, good acid, sweet notes of orange-citrus, slight hints of brown sugar and cocoa

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