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Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rican coffee is one of the most prized coffees in the world. With its characteristic brightness, citrus, and smooth chocolate flavors, it’s easy to see why. The full aroma and high caffeine level typical of Costa Rican coffee adds even more interest. We currently source our beans from two regions, Tarrazu and Tres Rios.

The Tarrazu region of Costa Rica accounts for more than half of the countries coffee production. The volcanic soil and high altitude produce hearty, complex green coffee beans. Tarrazu coffees are almost always strictly high grown, so you can count on the slow growth that produces more nutrient-dense, potent flavors.

One notable coffee from this region is El Conquistador, a bright, complex, nutty, fruity coffee with good balance. Other green coffee beans to consider from this region are the chocolatey, caramelly La Minita, the bold and lemony El Indio, and the bright, well-balanced La Gladiola.

Meanwhile, the Tres Rios region is a high-altitude region that produces coffees most noted for their brightness, sweetness, and smooth finish. A favorite of this region is the La Magnolia. It has lemon/orange brightness with chocolate/nutty overtones and a long complex finish. It is a well-rounded, perfectly balanced coffee, just asking to be enjoyed.

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