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Panamanian Coffee Beans

Our Panama coffee comes from the Boquete region. Located at a high altitude, the Boquete region boasts a lovely climate for coffee beans, consistently remaining humid, whether in the wet or dry season. The coffee beans produced here denote a deep and earthy flavor with a crisp brightness and buttery texture, creating a smooth and extremely flavorful coffee.

The Hortigal coffee combines floral tones to the earthy and buttery ones already present. One of the most interesting flavor notes, though, is the fruitiness of the coffee. The mixture of different flavors – floral, nutty, earthy, fruity and buttery – create a delicious and complex tasting coffee. The rich body, enticing aroma, slight sweetness and winey brightness come together in an impressively balanced coffee that is one of our favorites.

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Previously name Floreal - updated name but same cupping notes!
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