Bolivian Coffee Beans

Our blend, the Caranavi, hails from the tropics of Bolivia. The Caranavi contains most of Bolivia’s coffee bean farmers and provides 90% of its coffee bean production. Bolivia boasts a great climate for coffee bean growing with its hot, humid air and high altitude, which allows the bean to ripen longer, creating more deeply flavorful beans. Because the country is poor, not many companies know how excellent their coffee beans are, which is why we are delighted to offer them to you.

The Bolivian Organic Caranavi FTO is both organic and fair trade certified. It has a light body with sweet undertones of citrus. On top of this are notes of chocolate, nuts and an earthy finish, creating a beautifully balanced and complex taste.

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Chocolate aromas that carry into the flavor, and pair with mild notes of clean citrus. Heavily sweet caramel finish.
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Cupping notes: Chocolate aromas that carry into the flavor, and paid with mild notes of clean citrus. Heavy body, with a tangerine acidity and a sweet caramel finish.
Cupping Notes: Super chocolatey with a heavy body. Sweet and balanced with mild citrus-orange like acidity. Roast this slowly to a medium roast to get the best taste.

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