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Jamaican Coffee Beans

Celebrate our limited release of the green coffee beans from Jamaica! Grown on the Blue Mountain farms, each bean is checked for quality before being shipped to us. The growing conditions on the Blue Mountain farms also create a sough after, well-known, high quality coffee bean with the high altitude and greater tree coverage. This tree coverage allows for the coffee beans to mature longer, increasing the strength and pervasiveness of the rich flavors.

Our sun-dried Jamaican roast has many wonderful qualities, including a certain, appealing brightness to its taste. The coffee beans carry sweet, complex undertones of chocolate and fruit that are accompanied by a wonderful nuttiness and a lingering, pleasant aftertaste that will make you want to take another sip of your delicious coffee. The medium roast has a creamy, smooth texture with a lovely aroma and perfectly balanced body. It is the perfect pick-me-up at any time of the day!

Be careful not to over roast your green Jamaican coffee beans, though, which will take away the sweetness.

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