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JBM 2020 crop has arrived!

Founded in February 2014, Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory is owned and operated by Arthur Mcgowan, a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee farmer. Currently, the property has 85 acres of rich Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. The factory is located in Constitution Hill, St Andrew and is the home of Riddim Blue – 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Nestled at the ridge that joins Dallas Mountain with Darby peak on the world-renowned Jamaica Blue Mountain – approximately 4000 ft above sea level, our highest quality arabica beans are grown, processed, roasted and packaged with diligent care. The beans are screen 16 size with maximum defects of 2% and a maximum of 4% smaller (lower case) beans.

High altitudes with low hanging clouds keep the coffee plants damp and the surrounding jungle cool, this along with the rainfall and volcanic soil makeup provides a unique growing environment unlike anywhere else

This Jamaican coffee bean is sweet with complex undertones of chocolate and fruit with a perfectly balanced body and lovely aroma!

Try before you stock up with a 1/2 pound sample!

Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • CountryJamaica
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • ProcessWashed
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • Altitude (meters)1,000
  • Brightness:5
  • Body:4
  • Aroma:6
  • Complexity:6
  • Balance:7
  • Sweetness:5
  • Spicy:-
  • Chocolaty:heavy bean
  • Nutty:heavy bean
  • Buttery:heavy bean
  • Fruity:heavy bean
  • Flowery:-
  • Winey:heavy bean
  • Earthy:-
  • RegionBlue Mountain
  • VarietyBlue Mountain
  • HarvestOctober - March
  • DryingSun dried

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Brilliant acidity, a medium body, and sweet flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar, and fine chocolate. It is impeccably balanced with a long, satisfying finish
A sparkling, clean, lemon-orange brightness with chocolate and nutty overtones that carry through to the long, complex finish.
Chocolatey with a carmelly texture, heavy fruits, and a sweet honeyness.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by on April 14, 2009

I'm giving this coffee the highest marks. I found the coffee absolutely amazing. I was worried that the price was just for a limited supply coffee on the market. My wife treated me to this for my birthday and I now know that this is some truly great coffee. I roasted it just a few seconds into the second crack and rested it two days. Then I brewed it in an old pour over comet drip pot and it yielded such a wonderful cup that I could not believe it. Very oily in the cup with wonderful nuttiness and a floral bouquet that was like a tropic paradise. I roasted it lighter also. Good, but I highly recommend a full city+ roast(amazing!!) For espresso geeks( I am Silvia+Rocky) This absolutely was the best shot of espresso in my seven years as a coffee geek. I'm just sorry I can't afford this more often. Do it, you won't be sorry!

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by on September 2, 2005

Just recieved and roasted to just before the second crack. I waited 24hrs before grinding and cupping. The taste was sweet, nutty and chocolaty along with being mild. I higly reccomend everyone to at least give this one a try.

Was this review helpful?

by on March 15, 2019

The coffee tastes great. The beans were gray in color and very dry.We thought the beans were going to be green and be more fresh. We are dissapointed with the product we recieved for the price we paid. We ordered three pounds and it wasn't cheap. Pictures and description on the website is unaccurate. Coffee tasted great but it was an old product unfortunately..

Was this review helpful?

by on September 14, 2019

Its just ordinary coffee, not worth the price at all. I've roasted beans from all over the world and this has no special qualities.

Was this review helpful?

by on December 14, 2019

For me I’d give it 3.5 stars. If it wasn’t so expensive I’d give it 4 stars. I like it. It’s gives me a fantastic “pick-me-up” in the morning. However for the price I’d prefer it to be smoother. I roasted just to beginning of second crack. The beans were plump and beautiful. The aroma is fabulous. I had to bring the temperature up gradually as the beans tended to roast quick. Overall it’s good but given its price and reputation I expected better.

Was this review helpful?

by on October 29, 2019

This is a fine coffee but, I’m afraid, not worth the premium. Good aroma and mild flavor. I roasted it to one minute 30 seconds beyond first crack which occurred 16 minutes into the roasting on a Behmor roaster at P5 (up to 305 degrees.). Medium roast. It’s not the fault of the bean but the roaster does not allow visual check of the process so I cannot be sure when to stop the roast. But that’s the roaster’s problem and not the bean. In general, I would advise to get 5 pounds of something else at the same price as 1 pound of this good coffee.

Was this review helpful?

by on September 22, 2020

Best JBM we've had since before the hurricane. Fine tuning my roast but enjoying every pot. I'll be re-ordering, mostly for special occasions. I just WISH I could drink it every day!

Was this review helpful?

by on September 13, 2020

I just bought 3 lbs of this coffee. I roasted to about 30 seconds after 1st crack. Lost about 13%. I brewed this a day later using a V60 with a ratio of 6g to 100ml and the coffee was fantastic. Yes blue mountain is expensive but life is too short to drink bad coffee and its a nice treat once in a while.

Was this review helpful?

by on June 24, 2020

The best attributes of the best coffees all in one.

Was this review helpful?

by on June 16, 2020

Half of my best coffee blend. Best supplier. Best and fastest delivery. I am a loyal and dedicated customer based on repeated experiences.

Was this review helpful?

by on June 8, 2020

Love this coffee!

Was this review helpful?

by on March 20, 2020

Jim Rydberg Love it just can't afford it very often.

Was this review helpful?

by on March 13, 2020

Roasted 2 days ago med roast to 430 degrees F. Very nice. Will try roasting to 440 or 450. Definitely worth buying.

Was this review helpful?

by on December 30, 2019

got half pound of JBM two weeks ago, try it right away. my wife like it very much, try to buy more but it is out of stock. hopeful can get it in the near future.

Was this review helpful?

by on October 30, 2019

it is a very nice and very smooth coffee my wife and I both enjoyed it, however like Kona which we like even more, this is more of a special occasion when it is on sale type of coffee.

Was this review helpful?

by on October 15, 2019

Fantastic JBM. We are selling this as a pour over at our cafe. We roast to a finish temp of 430F just before SC. We allow a slow dry to FC in about 10 minutes and a final temp at about 15:30 minutes. It has a sweet and spicy aroma out of the roaster. It is well balanced and mild, medium bodied. While it may seem like middle of the road on acidity, body, balance...that is what is so wonderful. It has an initial nutty flavor with chocolates and spice notes. You may smell a tea fragrance or slight rootbeer essence as it cools in the cup. Very pleasant and worth the experience.

Was this review helpful?

by on September 17, 2019

Lovely. Everything described and more. Roasted slowly just a few moments beyond first crack. Brewed pour over without paper filter. Let coffee cool somewhat before drinking. This would be my daily go to were it not for the price.

Was this review helpful?

by on March 22, 2019

This coffee seems to be one of the best to medium roast to bring out chocolate and caramel. I roast and end 6 batches between first and second crack and blend them. I have a drum roaster and use 300g each roast. I roast to temps instead of time. I have altered my roasting profile to get about 20 minutes between first and second crack.

Was this review helpful?

by on October 25, 2019

JBM is one of a kind. it's pricey so not the every day cup for most but dont deny yourself the opportunity to have a truly amazing cup of Joe! Paradise in a cup!I prefer a medium dark roast, just prior to the second crack!

Was this review helpful?

by on July 6, 2019

Can’t wait! 😊 This is my most favorite coffee ☕️ in the world!!! Ordered for winter holidays!! They look great! 👍 They’re green! 😂 Never had green ‘Blue’ before! Never roasted ‘The Blue’ before. I’ll let you know 🤔 As soon as I know! 😀 P.S. Any chance you have an empty barrel? It on my bucket (barrel) list!! 😂

Was this review helpful?

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