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A good roast and a proper grind are just two parts of the equation. The last one - a good brew - is just as important, and can sometimes decide how you roast your coffee, too. We carry brewers for many preferences, all sure to deliver you a fantastic cup of coffee.

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What Coffee Brewer Should I Buy?

You work hard to select, roast, grind, and brew a delicious cup of joe. In order to do justice to this process, it’s important to choose an excellent brewer that won’t make your coffee bitter with lengthy brewing or burn the end result. Here’s a primer on three excellent brewers, and what differentiates them.

Bodum ePebo Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker

This space-age looking brewer creates a vacuum to extract all the precious oils and flavor from your beans. Because the beans and water are in a sealed environment, all of the flavor is trapped in the process. While vacuum extracted coffee may sound like a difficult process, the ePebo is as easy to use as a french press. You simply add water, press a button, wait for the water to come to temperature, add coffee, stir, and wait for your cup to brew. Once the coffee is brewed, the ePebo automatically turns off and the vacuum is reversed, leaving you with a fresh carafe of perfectly delicious coffee.

Moccamaster CDGT Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

The Moccamaster offers a fully automated coffee-making experience. Simply add water and coffee, press a button, and come back when it’s ready to drink. Not only is it easy to use, but the Moccamaster is all about brewing a precisely perfect cup every time. Its unique copper boiling element heats the water to the exact temperature for optimal coffee extraction. It utilizes precise water saturation time to avoid making a bitter cup of coffee. And, the pulse-action pre-immersion drip system ensures the perfect coffee bloom. The 40 oz. thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot without burning it on a burner. The Moccamaster is handmade in the Netherlands and comes with an unmatched 5-year warranty.

AeroPress Brewer

This innovative little guy is the fastest way to make an excellent cup of coffee. The AeroPress is predicated on the idea that a quicker press makes a less bitter cup of coffee. Once your water is ready, it takes less than half a minute to make an AeroPress coffee. The results are rich, smooth, and far less acidic than other brewing methods. Unlike a french press, the AeroPress uses a microfilter that leaves no grit in your cup. And your coffee doesn’t sit on the grounds getting bitter. You can use it for American and espresso style coffee. One small drawback is the inability to regulate water temperature, which is nothing a digital thermometer can’t fix. Even if you choose a larger carafe brewer for your day to day, this handy, little brewer is ideal for travel and easy on the pocketbook.

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