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AeroPress Original Coffee Maker with Tote Bag

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The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker is an innovative product to be sure, but don't let it scare you. Check out one of the following short (1.8 minute) videos to see just how easy it is to use...and clean the AeroPress Original Coffee Maker.

Click this link for a quick cleaning video!

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker with Tote Bag includes everything you see in the picture, including a pack of 350 filters, the filter holder, a measuring scoop and a stir stick. Replacement parts are available, but not necessary unless you run out or lose something.

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker is an entirely new way to make coffee...with exceptional results! The result of several years of applied research and testing by one of America's foremost inventor/engineers, Alan Adler, President of Aerobie, Inc., holder of about 40 US patents, and lecturer in mechanical engineering at Stanford University.

Look how simple and easy it is to use:

  • Use ANY grind you like or have - no need for an espresso grinder
  • Heated water and (2 scoops of) grounds are mixed for about 10 seconds, then
  • Gentle pressure (weight of your hand) is applied to the clear plunger, pushing the mix through a micro-filter (360 included), finishing the process in about 20 seconds
  • The above cup will have more of an espresso taste profile; to achieve an excellent drip-style cup make a few minor alterations to the process:
  • Use two AeroPress Original Coffee Maker scoops of a finer-than-normal grind
  • Place the brewing cylinder on top of your mug/cup
  • Fill the brewing cylinder to the top of the "2" oval with hot water
  • Mix the grinds and water for a count of 10
  • Depress the plunger as above until you make a "puck" in the bottom, then
  • Remove the cylinder from your cup and add hot water to fill your mug
  • Technically this is called an Americano, but it will make one of the richest, best-tasting cups of coffee you have ever had.

You may have to experiment a little to get the perfect combination for your specific tastes; just know there are many variables that affect the taste, and proceed accordingly. Of course, using fresh-roasted beans will make the biggest difference (try home roasting if you haven't already), but also the size of the grind, the temperature (and quality) of the water, the steep time, and the length (time) of your extraction will all make a difference. So, if your first attempt doesn't achieve coffee nirvana, try again.

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker, in my opinion, is the most significant improvement to coffee drinking since the renaissance of home coffee roasting. Try it! You won't regret it.

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker looks more like a French Press than any other recognizable brewer, but there are significant differences:

  • The filter in a French Press is at the top of the brewing mixture and gets clogged frequently (even using the recommended COARSE grind), not to mention leaving significant residue
  • The filter on the AeroPress Original Coffee Maker is at the bottom, and is a micro-filter, enabling you to use any grind you like (or have available)...and leaves no residue due to the fine texture of the filter. The filter is fine enough to enable you to store your brew as a concentrate for later.
  • The concentrate is very rich, making it great for Americanas or to mix with frothed milk for a latte-ish espresso drink
  • Shorter brew time yields a smoother, less-bitter tasting cup of coffee
  • Brews up to 4 cups (two REAL cups) or just a "shot" if you prefer.
  • Great for traveling, using in a restaurant (order hot water or tea...and keep the teabag), camping, boating, etc - all you need is ground coffee and hot water!
  • Inexpensive...especially for an American-made (actually USA) product.
  • Additional filters are also available in packs of 350.

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker has an impressive list of endorsements, as well as annual competitions for brewing coffee in its honor. Send me your comments...or a specific recipe you would like to share - the best way is to click on "write a review".


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Customer Reviews

Average Rating
September 4, 2009

I absolutely love my little Aeropress. And I am a confirmed coffee snob. I know the little coffee shop where I bought my Aero rues the day they sold it to me, because I haven't been back there for a latte since--the ones I make with the Aeropress are better than any I can buy at any coffee shop in town. I roast my own coffee, heat my milk and froth it, and add my coffee. It is the best--smooth and rich and beautiful. And, big bonus, virtually no clean-up. Love, love, love.

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March 3, 2006

This is the most amazing product! I had been looking for a tasty, and most of all clean way to make coffee in my office. I can't drink the commercial stuff we have, as it's done by a service, and just plain awful. I had a Senseo in the office, but the coffee out of the pods is just awful. My family had suggested a Keurig, which was nice, but still not the greatest coffee. Plus, at $150, it hardly seems worh it. I resorted to using a Frech Press, but the cleanup was a killer. My office mates got mad at me for dumping the used grounds in the sink. Finally, the Aeropress. For me the most impressive part was the cleanup. After pressing the coffee, you just push the plunger all the way through and it ejects the spent grounds. The pressure forces the grounds down into what looks like a hockey puck. Then you rinse the pieces for about 10 seconds. No grounds in the sink, or all over the counter. Now, the taste. This thing is amazing! It is the best coffee I've had. Drip, percolated, french press, pod, k-cup or espresso machine, this is the best "home made" coffee I've ever had. Sure, the espresso from a fine Italian restaurant is better, but I was never gonna duplicate that anyway. The Aeropress is just great. One final note. I've read some expert reviews take issue with Aerobie calling the Aeropress coffee "espresso". My take is this. The machine expells a tiny amount of concentrated coffee. We're talking 1 ounce to a 1 scoop press. If you poured it into a regular espresso mug, that's the perfect size. For that reason, you have to think of the Aeropress as an espresso machine. It may not produce crema, but it does produce a fine concentrated "espresso like" brew. If that's not your thing (like me) just add about 4 ounces of water per cup, and you have the perfect, American coffee. Try this thing, you'll be amazed. paul

Thanks, Paul. Believe it or not you CAN produce a pretty nice crema with the AeroPress. Use a little extra coffee because you diminish the contact time somewhat, but the secret is in the pressure you apply to the plunger. Simply put, push down a little harder (faster); the result is just like from an exprensive espresso machine - try it!

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October 11, 2021

My wife and I recently purchased the Aeropress coffee maker and wow what an incredible coffee maker. We like the flavor of a smooth, full bodied taste of coffee. Not only is the quality of the bean important, the kind of water may be even more important. I found Ice Mountain is the absolutely best water on the market. I don't know why. It will produce a better tasting coffee than Star Buck, that is when using the Aeropress unit. Just 1 scoop of finely ground beans and water filled to the top of the fill tube and get ready for an incredible taste.

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December 9, 2007

This invention has changed the way I brew coffee at home. Requires a fine grind (but not espresso fine) and a lot of coffee to produce a good cup but well worth it. Clean up is easy. Can go anywhere you have hot water. Who wants to fool with an espresso machine at 6am? Not me! Also clean up is a breeze compared to a French press pot. Highly recommended!

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November 15, 2020

Perfect for home, work, and travel! I traveled for 2 years, living out of two 28” suitcases and early on, a short flight killed my French press. I replaced it with an Aeropress and fell in love. It makes a mean cup of espresso/ Americano. It’s compact, portable and durable. All the markings have worn off the sides but I know exactly how to make my perfect cup. I’ve had it for 3 years and use it every day.

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April 9, 2009

Where this gem shines is with highly complex coffees with distinct flavour nuances. Unlike an espresso machine, a cafetierre, or filter system, the flavours do not become muddled and mixed you can actually taste the chocolate and spice distinctly in a Mocha Matari and Aceh Gold blend. If you crave body you will no longer have to chew on espresso or Turkish coffee grit. And last, but not least, if you desire an overdose of caffeine, I have packed 10 tablespoons and still had a drinkable enjoyable cup that could be taken black.

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November 7, 2021

Bought this hoping to get a good cup of coffee camping. I use this for camping which makes a great cup of coffee and I use less water for clean up. Once camping season ended I brought my Aeropress in the house and now use it almost daily easy to use and great cup every time . I’ll be purchasing a second one for the camper next season now .

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March 6, 2019

Pretty cool, Great cup of coffee, Super easy clean up! If you are short of time and water (traveling, camping, hiking) the Aero Press is for you! A normal french press works fine but you end up using almost as much water for the clean up of the grounds as you have put in your cup. This compact set up literally cleans up with two paper napkins! It takes no more than five minutes and on average three minutes too have everything unpacked coffee run through, cleaned up and repacked! I've done it outside of my car in a parking lot. Just get some hot water from the quickie mart you were going to waste $2 on a crappy cup of coffee at and run it through your good stuff coffee and bingo!

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November 28, 2007

Buyer Beware!!! This little doodad just might rock your coffee world into rethinking all that you know and believe about making coffee! We all love our espresso machines, they look shiny and bright like a '57 Chevy. They not only work real well in producing fantastic coffee, they also look like a work of art. We wait patiently to upgrade to the next level and so on and so on..... Then comes this little plastic doohickey that makes the greatest cup of "Americano" and only costs a few bucks. What is a modern man to do? When your guests leave, pull out your Aero and make a truly fantastic cup....

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August 20, 2006

I agree with all the write ups. A great cup of coffee but what I like most is that it is fun to use and no mess at the end. I love it !

Profound in its simplicity!

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February 21, 2021

What a GREAT way to get an excellent cup of coffee on the go! You will love having this portable set with you on your next trip.

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June 6, 2020

Love it! There are an infinite number of ways to make coffee with the Aeropress. If your coffee didn't come out perfect, then just change water temperature, amount of grounds, amount of water, steep time, grind level, etc. I found that inverted worked better for me. And I have gone to a slightly coarser grind (between espresso and drip) with longer steep/stir time. Amazing cold brew in one minute? Yes, yes, yes! Now why didn't I think of that first???

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July 12, 2019

Clean smooth coffee - easy to use & clean.

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February 4, 2011

I've had the Aeropress one day. The first cup was outstanding. Long and wonderful aftertaste. That's it. No more dreaming of buying an expensive espresso machine.

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May 26, 2008

This thing is amazing! Great cup! Thank you!! I only have one complaint--my husband walks right past the $600 worth of coffee makers I just bought him and goes straight for the Aeropress! Good thing I didn't buy the $1000 or $2500 worth yet! It travels really well, and it is such a nice machine, I want to buy one for everyone I know. I may spend the $1000 dollars yet... MaryAnn

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February 20, 2007

I love this product. I have had it long enough that just now I am ordering my first set of replacement filters. I have brewed over 300 cups of coffee with this little beauty! I love the resulting smooth and frothy cup that results. In fact, I bought an hot water dispenser that we set at 180 degrees mainly for the coffee maker! I bring it with me when I travel and it is always a good conversation piece. Thanks Aerobie!

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August 17, 2006

Great idea, and fantastic coffee. I like strong coffee! It alienates me from my workmates, but at home this little press can deliver strong, smooth (not bitter) results, cup after cup. I heat 300 ml (about 10 oz) of filtered water for 2min 10 sec in the microwave (gets about 170 degrees) pour all but a few cc's into the tube containing the freshly ground coffee( grind 15 on a Baratza Virtuoso), use the stirring paddle for 15-20 seconds(yes, a bit longer than they recommend) and then wash the foam residue off the paddle with the reserved water into the tube before I press. Mmm it has changed the way I drink coffee. I used to add a bunch of cream and sugar but now the cream adds its own taste, and the sugar interferes with the more subtle flavor notes..I still use a bit now and then, but the coffee is so good, I don't think it improves it that much.

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April 21, 2006

Fantastic idea brought forward in a great product! This thing really offers quite a bit of range in coffee results, making it rather versatile. I've been creating different kinds of cups by varying the time, temperature and grind of the extraction. Sometimes I want more of an espresso drink, other times I prefer a lighter cup. I've been frothing milk separately and mixing some great cappuccinos & lattes. One thing I've been doing often is steeping the grinds in water in a separate cup, or in the plunger part of the Aeropress, and then pressing it out. This gives me greater control over the extraction time and produces a great cup. My family and friends have also given this some great reviews, and for the price, it's unbeatable. Craig C.

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April 19, 2006

A most excellent cup of coffee. I've always felt that making coffee by the cup resulted in a superior cup. This method of single cup brewing tops them all! I love having the ability to control the level of extraction. You can alter it to your taste and to the type of bean you're brewing for. Thanks for a wonderful product! My espresso maker should last 100 years now because I mostly use the AeroPress!

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March 26, 2006

It looked novel and worth a try. I was quite shocked by the amazingly smooth and delicious cup of coffee that this gizmo produced. Very easy to use and clean up. If you have an instant hot in your kitchen it could be the easiest way to make a good cup of coffee. The flavor rivals that of the Technivorm (I also recently purchased one). Ed

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March 11, 2006

The AeroPress is outstanding. I've had one for two months. You can have a very rich cup of coffee without any of the harshness. The AeroPress is quick and easy to use, and really easy clean. I've been using Peet's French Roast. I had them give it their #9 grind (couldn't find my coffee grinder). I'm very happy with the AeroPress.
Thanks for your comments Rich. As good as Peet's coffee is, when you are ready to kick it up one more notch, try roasting your own. Believe it or not, it will make the most significant difference of anything else in your coffee reportoire.

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March 9, 2006

I've never written a product review before but here goes: I've had my press for 4 days now and what an AMAZING cup of coffee! I have a $3400 super automatic espresso machine that makes a great cup but the Aeropress is right up there. So smooth and full bodied and simple. It just blows me away. Thank you.
Darryl G

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May 2, 2022

Do not hesitate, just buy it! I have used the Aeropress for 3 days and I am overly caffeinated due to how much I enjoy the brews this device makes. This is now a mainstay in my coffee brew arsenal due to the caffeine extraction, purity in flavor, clarity in cup, and a noticeable lack of gastrointestinal distress that usually accompanies enjoying a cup of bean soup. After watching some YouTube videos, I have found using 2 filters aids in clarity and can be rinsed and reused throughout the day, Savings! I have found my perfect drink as an Americano with a pack of sugar. It really brings out all the desired flavors of my favorite roast, Don Enrique Reserve. I will be testing every new bean I roast with this device going forward. Again, Don't hesitate and just buy it! Your Welcome.

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April 30, 2022

Doesn't make excellent espresso. The coffee it makes is not anywhere near as good or as simply and quickly made as the espresso with thick crema my Frigidaire coffee maker produces so easily. The new Aeropress is now repacked and retired!

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November 14, 2020

Great product! Love it, and looking forward to the espresso maker

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December 7, 2006

Have been using an Aeropress every day now for 5 months. I read one review that suggested using "normal" 200 degree water... my recommendation: Don't do it! The fine grind and relatively long contact time will over-extract. If you want to do 200 degree water, get an espresso machine... By definition, espresso contact time is *less than 25 seconds*. YMMV, but 180 seems to work pretty well.

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November 10, 2008

Now what do I do with my expresso machine, french press and two other coffee makers? Give them away. OK. This thing really ROCKS and equals a 1000 buck machine. Great coffee maker! Art

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