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Colombian Coffee Beans

Our four different Colombian coffee roasts all boast unique flavors from their lovely country. Colombia is one best coffee regions in the world. The volcanic soil and climate create the perfect growing conditions for coffee farmers to grow some of the best arabica beans.

We source our beans from the Santander Department of the country. This region of Columbia is famous in the coffee industry for its natural, shade-grown coffee.

Two of our Colombia coffee bean blends are the Colombia Huila Supremo and the Colombia Bucaramanga El Gato Supremo. Both of these blends accurately represent the lovely, aromatic coffee grown in Colombia.

The Colombia Huila Supremo is defined by the characteristic Colombian coffee bean qualities, a deep richness and sweetness. This is joined by perfect notes of chocolate, fruit and wine.

The Colombia Bucaramanga El Gato Supremo boasts a bold acidity and creamy body, offset by notes of chocolate, orange, and almond with a lingering vanilla taste that leaves many people wanting more after each cup of coffee. This is a delicate roast, though, so be careful as you roast it, making sure not to burn it.

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